Scientific Board Member Warns: High Speed ​​Train Is More Risky Than Aircraft

Scientific board warned fast train more risky
Scientific board warned fast train more risky

Professor of Science, Ministry of Health Dr. Pınar Okyay said, “Aircraft seems to be less risky than high-speed train. Because it is well ventilated but there is a lot of attention to the social distance and the mask. ”

These concerns are the members of the Scientific Committee. Dr. Asking Pınar Okyay, Habertürk writer Muharrem Sarıkaya carried the answers he received to his corner.

Here is Prof. Okyay's important warnings:

With the first opening step of the new normal taken yesterday, a comprehensive liberalization was also initiated.

Many sales were opened on the same day, including the ban on intercity travel, the opening of restaurants and cafes, and the sale of shopping malls.

Professor of Science, who is among the decision-makers regarding the rules to be followed after the prohibition is removed, whether this will cause a new problem or not. Dr. I asked Pınar Okyay…

"Mask, distance and hygiene are our most important rules."

He pointed out that if you pay attention to these, you won't have to worry about encountering a second jump.

He also noted that the rules for all vehicles, except air transport, were set by the Epidemic Management Group, the subgroup of the Scientific Committee last weekend.


At this stage to Okyay, "Which of the means of transportation will have less transmission?" He asked, and answered himself gave an example: "My daughter will come to Turkey in the US; I advised him to put on his mask, keep his distance, not to walk around the aircraft corridor including commuting to and from the toilet. Hostesses should not be too long. But the plane seems to be less risky than a high-speed train. Because it is well ventilated, but there is a lot of attention to social distance and mask ... ”

When he asked about his situation on high-speed trains, his answer was important: “The airplanes take the air outside and heat it in; has better filter system. The air taken from the fast train is much less. For this reason, we suggested that the number of passengers should be less in the compartments and that more stops will be allowed to enter the air.

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