Prepared Rail Systems Report by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry

Rail systems prepared by Eskisehir Chamber of Industry report
Rail systems prepared by Eskisehir Chamber of Industry report

The rail systems report prepared by Eskişehir Chamber of Industry revealed that the railroad is one of the most important elements that will shape the present and future of Eskişehir. The report of "Advantages of Railroad in Freight Transportation, Potential and Demands of Rail Systems Sector" and Eskişehir's demands are listed as follows;

  1. Making Eskişehir Rail Systems National Production Center.
  2. Implementation of the National High Speed ​​Train Project in Eskişehir.
  3. Completion of Eskişehir Hasanbey - Gemlik Port Railway Connection.
  4. Connection of Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center to Railway and Eskişehir OSB.
  5. Completion of Eskişehir National Rail Systems Test and Research Center (URAYSİM) Construction.

In the report, it was underlined that Eskişehir, which has an export of nearly 2,5 billion dollars, will provide a cost advantage of at least 58 million dollars annually by doing this by rail, and then it will open the door to new investments, new employment, and establishment of new factories.

Giving information about the report, ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş said, “We demand that the rail systems be developed and supported for our city, the most important thing today and in the future. "The Advantages of Railways, the Potential and Demands of the Rail Systems Sector in the Cargo Transport" report we have prepared reveals the situation with all its reality and emphasizes the importance of the need. ”

Attributed to teachers

Stating that what has to be done to make Eskişehir a more successful and bigger brand in the future, Kesikbaş said, “We have been working on the works we have prepared in primary schools since 1923; We attributed our valuable teachers who taught 'Eskişehir is the crossroads of railways'. Because they taught us how important production is for our future. We understood this once more in these difficult days we live. ”

Kesikbaş stated that they summarized what they demanded for the development of the industry under 5 items, and pointed out that these are absolutely feasible issues. Kesikbaş, “To transform our city into a rail systems national production center, to implement the National High Speed ​​Train project in Eskişehir, to complete the Eskişehir Hasanbey - Gemlik Port Railway connection, to connect Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center by rail to Eskişehir OSB, Eskişehir National Rail Systems Test and the completion of the Research Center URAYSİM is vital for our city as well as for us. Because in this way, Eskişehir will produce more and our country will earn more. ”

Precautions should be taken

Stating that the lack of logistics and transportation facilities in Eskişehir negatively affects sectors such as aviation, rail systems, machinery-metal, mining, Kesikbaş said, “Logistics is a serious production cost. In order to use the Hasanbey Logistics Center effectively, a number of measures must be taken. At this point, as a first step, the railway line between Logistics Center and Eskişehir OSB has become mandatory without losing more time. As a second and final step, Bursa-Gemlik railway line should be constructed to connect Eskişehir to the ports. ”

We are the deserving center

Stressing that ESO is following the developments in the sector and analyzing them, Kesikbaş said that with an improvement in March 2020, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ were merged and integrated into a single company;

“Does this development mean that the address of the strategic projects given to Eskişehir in previous planning and reports has changed? All necessary attempts should be made to prevent such a change and to avoid repeating the fate experienced in Eskişehir's “Revolution” car. Eskişehir is the most accurate and deserving center of our country with its history and capabilities in the National High Speed ​​Train Project. ”

For the full content of the report CLICK HERE

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