Peaceful Streets Implemented Across the Country

Peaceful streets were implemented across the country
Peaceful streets were implemented across the country

📩 11/06/2020 15:18

Simultaneously throughout the country by the General Directorate of Security and the Gendarmerie General Command under the Ministry of Interior Peaceful Streets Application It was performed.

  • 11.771 mixed team,
  • 222 detector dog and
  • 49.400 In the practice in which personnel participate,

With the new controlled social life, mask and distance rules, especially restaurant, restaurant, cafe, patisserie, cafe, coffee shop, tea garden, park / garden, recreation areas, beach bands, internet cafe, playstation etc. It was checked whether the determined measures such as hygiene and working hours were observed in playgrounds and public places.

935 Wanted People Caught

As a result of the application;

  • 371.383 the person was checked,
  • 935 the wanted person was caught and
  • 51 the person was detained.

Violation of the social distance rule 704, is under the curfew and is under the age of 18 who go out of the street outside the permitted hours 34 and over 65 7, for other crimes 434 total 1.179 administrative and 75 total forensic 1.254 judicial and administrative action was taken.

722 Vehicles Banned From Traffic

in Control 148.219 by checking the vehicle 5.348 administrative fines were applied to the vehicle.

722 while the vehicle is banned from traffic, 18 the vehicle searched was also caught. Simultaneous application from across the country; 63.139 violating the indefinite closing rule while inspecting the workplace 3operating outside of specified working hours 17 and do not follow the social distance rule 13of other crimes 47 total 80 Administrative procedure was applied to the business operator / owner.

Also in audits,
pieces of pistol,
men shotguns,
60 pieces of bullets / shotgun cartridges,
5 number of cutting tools
4 blank blank gun,
0,94 grams of cocaine,
26,6 grams of heroin,
73,7 grams of cannabis,
902,2 grams of methamphetamine,
6 pieces of drug pills,
630 pack of illegal cigarettes,
12.955 pieces of macaroons and
2 kilograms of illegal tobacco was seized.

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