Covid-19 Test Center is Established in Kayseri

Kayseri covid test center is being established
Kayseri covid test center is being established

Kayseri Chamber of Industry (KAYSO) was held over the teleconference system within the scope of Covid-19 measures in the ordinary parliamentary meeting in May. Meeting Turkey Institutes of Health (TÜSEB) Chairman Prof. Dr. Adil Mardinoğlu, Provincial Health Director Dr. Ali Ramazan Benli, Industry and Technology Provincial Director Kamil Akçadırcı, OIZ Presidents, Assembly Members, High Advisory Board Members and Professional Committee Members participated.

Making the opening speech of the meeting, KAYSO Parliament Speaker Abidin Özkaya said that as they approach the end of the pandemic process, they have to follow the rules of the new normal and turn the wheels of the industry by considering the new additional loads. Explaining that they are on the brink of historical opportunities as a country, Özkaya said, “Both the production infrastructure, the logistical advantage, the human production capability and the search for an alternative to the far east in the supply chain offer us this opportunity. We should take this opportunity well by keeping our morale high. Because the economic indicators in May show that we are open. ”

Despite the decrease in electricity consumption in the OIZs, Özkaya explained that there has been an increase of nearly 50 percent in the invoices in the last two months due to the YEKDEM mechanism. Our suggestion in this regard is that some of YEKDEM is met by the treasury. In addition, YEKDEM should be priced at a fixed price every 6 months ”.

Speaking to make the speech Kayseri Chamber of Industry (KAYSO) Chairman Mehmet Büyüksimitc, parliament due to their participation in the meeting of Turkey President Institutes of Health, Prof. Dr. He thanked Adil Mardinoğlu and other guests.

Drawing attention to the fact that our country has carried out a successful study that will set an example to the world in the field of combating pandemics, President Büyüksimitci has accomplished great success by fighting cansiparane and staying away from their homes, families and children. In the person of our Provincial Director Ali Ramazan Benli Bey, we thank all of our health workers on behalf of our industrialists. ”

Stating that the necessary steps have been taken in our country as well as all over the world, the start of economic activities is a big step for returning to the new norm, Mayor Büyüksimitci said, “However, we have great duties to prevent the second wave epidemic. We must take strong measures both in our workplaces and in our social life. We must strictly follow the rules regarding mask, distance and cleaning. ”

Emphasizing that some measures should be taken in the enterprises in order to ensure the sustainability of production, Mayor Büyüksimitci said; “One of the measures we will take is to have COVID-19 tests for our employees and to ensure the sustainability of production by isolating positive cases from our other employees. In this sense, the studies are continuing for the Covid-19 test center, which started as a pilot application in Kocaeli and Ankara, to start operating in Kayseri as of next weekend. Our Ministry of Health at the request of our Ministry of Industry and Technology was appointed as the head of Turkey to set up these centers Institutes of Health. Our President of TÜSEB who attended our meeting today. Dr. Our teacher, Adil Mardinoğlu will inform us about the test center and how to carry out the tests. I thank them in advance ”

Stating that they are now nearing the end of the pandemic period and that the steps of new normalization have begun to be taken thanks to the measures and supports taken in the economy, President Büyüksimitci stated that they have also assumed a bridge between the industrialists and the government as the Chamber and in this sense, most of their demands have come to life. thanked the relevant ministers and our TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu.

Explaining that many economic indicators were on the rise in May, President Büyüksimitci said that although a shrinkage of 20-25 percent is expected in the second quarter, they will enter a much more positive process as of June and will try to close 2020 with growth.

Providing information about the export figures, President Büyüksimitci explained that Kayseri's export figures decreased by 36 percent in April compared to the previous month and said, “Although our first three months were positive, we were reduced by the effects of the pandemic. It is not difficult for us to compensate. We started to take orders as of the end of May. I hope we will endeavor to compensate our losses in the second half of the year. ”

Turkey Institutes of Health (TÜSEB) Chairman Prof. Dr. Adil Mardinoğlu explained that they started working in Kayseri for the installation of Covid-19 test center, which they started as a pilot application in Kocaeli and Ankara, and said, “Our Chamber of Industry showed us a place in Kayseri. This place is being cleaned now. As soon as the instruction from the Ministry is received, we will open it here and offer it to the service of our industrialists without any profit. Our aim in establishing these centers is to prevent the spread of the disease to other employees by early diagnosis and to help these people overcome the disease process mildly. In this way, production will not be interrupted or any part will be closed in any business. We are carrying out this practice very successfully in Gebze and Ankara. We will achieve this success in Kayseri with your support. ”

Lastly, the Provincial Health Director Dr. Ali Ramazan Benli stated that there were no serious cases in OIZs until now, and thanked the industrialists who supported them and acted with caution in this process.



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