Kamikaze Drone Produced in Ostim Technopark Counts Days for Export

Kamikaze drone produced in ostim technopark counts days to export
Kamikaze drone produced in ostim technopark counts days to export

Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. Negotiations have progressed with 3 countries for the export of the kamikaze drone KARGU, which was produced by STM at its campus in Ostim Technopark. The company is preparing to export its first in autonomous drone systems soon.

In the statement made by STM, it was stated that the company kamikaze drone KARGU had a great interest in the international arena with its performance in the field during the use of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

Participating in tests and trials in different countries for export markets, KARGU was appreciated for its performance. The Kamikaze drone has been tried in the tropical, desert, tundra climatic conditions in this process and has revealed that it can successfully serve.

As for the export kargu The statement stated that the conduct of negotiations with third countries, Turkey's largely conducted high-level talks are mature in the friendly and brotherly countries. It is informed that STM is preparing to sign the first export success by completing the negotiations on the export of autonomous drone systems recently.

Produced in Ostim Technopark

Having received over 500 KARGU orders to be made available to the security forces, STM started delivering them in batches. The production of striking unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), developed by STM including the KARGUs, whose deliveries have started, is known at the company campus in Ostim Technopark.

The engineer team working at the campus works mainly on tactical and autonomous systems.

In this context, the campus, which hosts studies on autonomous drones TOGAN, ALPAGU and KARGU in the product range of the company, also offers the company a mass production infrastructure for these products.

In the facility where additional measures are taken for the health of employees against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, intensive work is being carried out for the Autonomous Rotary Wing Beater UAV KARGU orders that have recently entered the TAF inventory.

All versions of KARGU offered for use by the TAF are tested and produced precisely in accordance with quality standards. In addition, the feedback from the field and the results obtained in the production process kazanIMs are also used to create a more effective KARGU.

While the R&D and production activities are carried out in the campus, the information coming from the field is evaluated especially in terms of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

STM other members of TOC and ALPAGA with Turkey's UAV technological level and about the support that reaches further up is aiming sihai and pull-menu of the new production facilities and products with the Karg family.

Can work in herd

The first applications for the use of KARGU in herd, which can easily work alone with its highly developed computer vision possibilities, were also carried out last year. More than 20 KARGU platforms have been made to work in herd with the works carried out.

Studies on this subject continue, especially for the improvement of swarm algorithms and the execution of different tasks. The KERKES project continues in order to ensure that the drone swarm can operate in any environment without any problems. After the conclusion of this project, within a period of approximately 1-1,5 years, the herd ability will be fully developed. kazanKARGU kamikaze drones will be made available to the TAF.

It will be integrated into different platforms

Studies are also carried out on the integration of KARGU in different platforms.

KARGU, which has been used by the Turkish Armed Forces and gendarmerie unions until now, will be able to work with various platforms, especially maritime platforms.

Activities are also carried out for KARGU to operate with armored ground vehicles and autonomous land systems.

Source :  http://www.ostim.org.tr

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