Italian Scientists Announce Formula That Eliminates COVID-19 Virus At 91 Percent

Italian scientists explain the formula that destroys the covid virus in percentage
Italian scientists explain the formula that destroys the covid virus in percentage

While scientists around the world continue to rapidly develop vaccines and drugs against COVID-19, Italian scientists have announced a new form of lozenges against COVID-19. Pastil, which proved 91% of the virus-destroying effect in the clinical study; Contains pomegranate peel extract.

Ace-2 protein in saliva secretion more

Italian researcher Prof. Dr. Ezio Bombardelli, drawing attention to the relationship between COVID-19 and ACE-2 protein, “Scientific approaches so far; he concentrated on the relationship between ACE-2 protein and COVID-19 in the lung. New research shows that; There is more ACE-2 protein in saliva in the mouth. Therefore; It was determined that the first incubation center of the virus was the mouth, saliva and throat line. In this way, we also discovered that the first fight against the virus should start in the mouth ”.

The effects of formulations including drugs commonly used in the treatment protocol applied against China's COVID-19 on patients were investigated. The samples taken from the saliva of the patients for 3 days were examined by PCR method. According to the result of the study; The product, which is in the form of a lozenge containing pomegranate peel, was proved to destroy 91% coronavirus.

Professor Dr. With this new scientific development, Ezio Bombardelli also expressed the belief that coronavirus pandemic will significantly reduce the risk of transmission in society.

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