Istanbul Earthquake Council Held Its First Meeting

Istanbul earthquake council held its first meeting
Istanbul earthquake council held its first meeting

İmamoğlu: “We have to prepare the city for a possible disaster without getting hit” İBB, Prof. Dr. He founded the Istanbul Earthquake Council under the coordination of Miktat Kadıoğlu. The first meeting of the council was held by the teleconference method. The opening speech of the meeting was made by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu. Turkey's indispensable important issues such as the earthquake and priority İmamoğlu emphasizing that it is essential to being a "new economic assisted with models from urban amphibian battering, especially to define a process without increasing the density of Istanbul, on the one hand ensure the regeneration of the city but at the same potential disaster we have to be prepared in the most serious way. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), meteorology and disaster management expert. Dr. He founded the “Istanbul Earthquake Council” under the coordination of Miktat Kadıoğlu. Scientists, IMM managers and bureaucrats working in various disciplines were included in the council. The first meeting of the council was held by teleconference method and with the participation of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu. Mehmet Çakılcıoğlu, the Deputy Secretary General of IMM, who was the moderator of the introductory meeting, shared information about the council. Speaking after Çakılcıoğlu and making the opening speech of the meeting, İmamoğlu stated that he hoped the council would make a serious contribution to the process. "The matter of reason, science and priority is very precious in such processes," said İmamoğlu.


"Istanbul earthquake, we all know tells us that, not you of certain us time with the manner in which quoted and understood but it is really a big threat then the economic presence of our country in terms of lives health in particular and Turkey in Istanbul. Our institution, the research conducted with the Boğaziçi University and the Kandilli Observatory, about the trauma to be created in Istanbul, the damage to the building, about the loss of life and the loss of life. Currently, people enter from there and see what kind of damage and loss of life in their district. Of course, besides scientific research, we can see this threat alive when we look at the field observationally. ”


Turkey Earthquake indispensable as an important issue and highlight priority issues is essential to being İmamoğlu, "I truly believe that hundreds of billions of dollars of economic loss and may lead to recession. Because the heart of Istanbul Turkey, production center; all kinds of centers. During the meetings I attended and held abroad, I saw that the Istanbul earthquake was a serious problem outside the country. Because we all know that Istanbul has investors from all over the world and is an important center for economic investment. We have to look like this in the process. I find each of these studies very valuable in that sense. We have to go fast. To define a process without compromising the urban life, especially by increasing the density of Istanbul, and to ensure the renewal of this city with new economic supported models; but on the other hand, we have to prepare for the possible disaster in the most serious way. ”


"We know that we need a tremendous social education about what we will do before and after the disaster," said İmamoğlu. "Our institution continues to work on both the training centers, the meeting areas, and the city's awareness raising and the building determination in the cities. All this will walk, should go. But let me state: 'What is the solution to my earthquake? When I say 'who does this', I would like to make the definition I made on other platforms here. For example; 'The government solves the earthquake.' I strongly disagree. In other words, the government cannot solve the earthquake alone, even if it wishes. 'The municipality solves the earthquake.' No; It can not solve. If only these two institutions merge, they cannot solve it again. I look at this process as a little more mobilization. In fact, we have expressed our opinion on the formation of a supra-political institutionalization on several platforms. The delegation, which will work here like a council, is valuable. ”


Reminding the meeting organized by the Minister of Urbanism, Murat Kurum, before the pandemic and they were also invited, Imamoglu said, “I expressed our opinion about the formation of a supra-political council in the meeting. They also met with understanding and made a statement that this should be established. Of course, the pandemic entered the process. I have stated in writing that the pandemic process cannot prevent our earthquake-related work and we urgently need this process. We need to create a quick action plan. Dear Minister, our ministry, governorate, our municipality and all related institutions; We have to manage the process and create models with the consortium, which is not only the public institution but the banking sector, especially the insurance sector, even contractors, building materials, manufacturers. We have such models. Probably the ministry also has it, "he said.


İmamoğlu said, “We should transfer this city's renewal and strengthening of buildings to the city with a tight control mechanism, with a very fast action plan, not with the increase in zoning, but perhaps with financial support in many places”.

“Why do I care about the council? That suggestion came to us from our scientists. The idea of ​​the council, a statement formed there, will not be a political statement. The transfers of the independent scientists there will be an egalitarian transfer to the society, an egalitarian message. So sometimes when politics rules this area, we unfortunately see how compromises have to be made. Believe me this has no party. Believe me there is no person. I think that their trial will be empty debates. We have to look ahead. I care about the transformation of these processes without making any concessions, as long as the processes are transferred in the most scientific way and independent people coordinate this process. So; I think it is necessary to transform into a mobilization with a model where people can renew and strengthen their buildings very quickly. In other words, I am talking about a concept more than an understanding that degenerates the city, makes it look bad and brings it to a bad urbanism model. ”


“I wish our success to this council that will serve the beginning of such a process, prioritize the researches and production that will trigger them together.” Imamoglu said, “Professor who will carry out the coordination especially in this process. Dr. I thank Miktat Kadıoğlu in advance. I would like to thank all the participants, all academicians, scientists and bureaucrats and managers who will contribute to this process. As I stated in the presentation that we gave a 1-year account yesterday; Indeed, the most important priority of Istanbul is earthquake, and while the earthquake stops, I cannot accept that it will not contribute to the process of the city, and that other concepts that may harm may engage this city. In this sense, I wish you, us and the people of this city during this earthquake mobilization. Takipçisiyiz. I would like to declare that I will remind my co-workers, myself and this city, earthquake and solutions every day. I wish you success already ”.

Following the speech of İmamoğlu, the first meeting of the Istanbul Earthquake Council continued with the presentation of Tayfun Kahraman, the head of the IMM Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Development Department, and the opinions of the participants.



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