Increase in the Setup of the Courier Company in the Coronavirus Process

Increase in the setup of the courier company in the coronavirus process
Increase in the setup of the courier company in the coronavirus process

The demand for online shopping during the days we stayed at home to protect social distance due to the coronavirus epidemic caused many courier companies to be established. According to taxpayer data, which provides personal company installation service over the online platform without going to the tax office, notary or chamber of commerce, the courier company establishment has increased by 25 percent since March. Taxpayer Founder and General Manager Okan Şafak, the importance of fast delivery in online shopping during the epidemic increased the need for courier service. ”

In order to prevent the coronavirus epidemic that affects the whole world, the number of people who want to start a company from home increased in this process, where we did not leave the house and conduct our business with a remote working system. On the other hand, when the demand for online shopping increased during the stay at home, a courier demand was born for the orders to reach on time. According to taxpayer data, the most increase in the establishment of the private company was in the courier company in March, April and May.

25 percent increase in courier company setup

The demand for the establishment of a private company increased without leaving home, with the procedure of establishing a private company, which is thought to require intensive bureaucracy and time, can be carried out in 10 minutes through the online platform and without going to the tax office of the company establishment, notary or the chamber of commerce. According to taxpayer data; More than 2020 businesses were established by June 1.000. Among the private companies established in the second quarter of the year; courier companies have already increased by 25 percent compared to the first quarter. The increase is expected to reach 30 percent by the end of June.

The importance of fast delivery increased the need for the courier company

Mükellef Founder and General Manager Okan Şafak, who said that courier companies come to the fore when the areas of activity of the company established recently with the effect of online shopping, said, “The fast and secure establishment of a private company on the online platform in a short time like 10 minutes without leaving home or going to the notary gained importance with the process. While the biggest increase was in courier companies, in addition to this, those working in the food, advertising and organization sectors; Computer programming experts, architects, engineers, doctors, lawyers, interpreters and even referees prefer to establish a company individually. YoutubeWe anticipate that the use of tax in the field of internet and internet phenomena will increase in this area as well ”.

Safe and fast company setup from home

"Taxpayers, we offer a safe and quick work opportunities for people who want to establish a company at home," said Dawn said: "Sovos Forib to ING Turkey, İdeasoft, İyzico, Logo job, Multinet, N11, Parachute, Fiyu of Vigo, hepsijet, Gelsin want We work with strong partners like Scotty. We aim to reach 2019 thousand users by the end of the year in our initiative that started in 5. In this era when the world is digitalized, we show how quickly it can be to establish a company for those who want to start an individual company by realizing their own initiatives online. We provide our users not only with the establishment of the company but also the needs of a company such as pre-accounting, e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-SMM, e-Signature, virtual office, brand registration, e-Commerce infrastructure through our business partners. In the coming period, we aim to expand our existing business partnership structure and offer new services to our users, where they can enjoy various advantages such as taxpayer wallet and taxpayer card. ”

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