Current Legal Issues Symposium During Coronavirus Period attracted great attention

Current legal issues symposium in coronavirus period
Current legal issues symposium in coronavirus period

Discussions about what changes the Covid-19 outbreak could cause in national and international law were discussed at the online symposium organized by Ibn Haldun University (IHU) on May 29-30.

the quality of education and research it carries out projects in Turkey and in the world "Research University" as aiming to come forward Ibn Khaldun University, pandemic period after any changes that may be encountered in the legal basis, online symposium held in order to address in an academic framework has attracted great interest. Both Turkish Lawyers and lawyers from many countries attended the symposium, which was held online on 29-30 May 2020, hosted by the Faculty of Law of Ibn Haldun University.

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Ibn Haldun University Dr. Yusuf Çalışkan, Assoc. Dr. Yeliz Bozkurt Gümrükçüoğlu, Dr. Lecturer. Ömer Faruk Erol, Ar. See. Gülnihal Ahter Yakacak, Res. See. Ahmet Dülger and Ar. See. In the Symposium, where Ömer Faruk Kafalı was on the organizing committee, the legal problems and solutions that may arise or may arise either nationally or internationally due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and 29 papers determined as a result of the examinations of the Scientific Committee, which were presented in ten different sessions, are quite comprehensive. somehow handled. the realization of both online as benefiting from the opportunities of the digital age in Turkey as well as social, all aspects, especially economic and political, government and individuals Covidien-41 pandemic directly affects addition to the existing law on special pandemic and the law of the new law will be needed in the new normal period This Symposium was a first in terms of its evaluation in different areas.

The Symposium, which is thought to contribute greatly to Turkish law and international law, Dr. In the first session held under the chairmanship of Çalışkan, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the legal problem to be applied in international contracts, compensation in accordance with the Vienna Convention, export prohibitions and customs tariff within the framework of the World Trade Law rules, the responsibility of the state in international law and whether it can be directed against China in this context; Vice Rector of Ibn Haldun University Dr. In the second session held under the chairmanship of Ali Yeşilırmak, the problems and solutions that may arise in international arbitration cases; Professor Dr. In the third session, chaired by Nurşen Caniklioğlu, in terms of work and social security law, the consequences of switching to the Home-Office application in Turkish and German Law and the problems that may be encountered in practice, the effects of the epidemic on salary and wage foreclosure and the consequences of workers' illness in terms of work accident and occupational disease, going out onto the streets. the effects of prohibitions; Professor Dr. In the last session of Sezer Çabri's first session, the effects of the epidemic on family law contracts, the problems that may arise in practice in terms of adaptation cases within the framework of their effects on contracts and their effects on workplace lease contracts were comprehensively discussed.

In the first session of the second day of the symposium, Prof. Dr. Under the presidency of Talat Canbolat, the effects of the epidemic on the sales contracts in our Foundation Civilization, the Turkish Code of Obligations (TBK) and the Turkish Commercial Code (TTK), access to Covid 19 medicines through compulsory licenses, legal problems that may arise in the online sales contracts that spread during the epidemic period; Professor Dr. In the second session, chaired by Şükrü Yıldız, the legal problems that may arise in maritime trade law, their effects on corporate law, the effects and consequences of technological application uses, especially in terms of protection of personal data, the effects on time charter on Turkish and English law; Professor Dr. In the third session chaired by Mahmut Koca, autopsy procedures during the epidemic, its effects and consequences in terms of enforcement law, the evaluation of arrest in the context of the principle of proportionality, the effects and consequences of the outbreak and artificial intelligence in the criminal proceedings; Dr. Lecturer. In the concurrent session chaired by the member Ömer Faruk Erol, the restriction of the freedom of travel in terms of constitutional law, the tax regulations made in this period and their effects on the present and the future, the regulations on media activities and activities in the state of China, the effectiveness of data protection impact analysis within the scope of GDPR; Professor Dr. In the session chaired by Yavuz Atar, legal problems regarding the age-related curfew, distance education and the state's positive obligation, restriction of freedom of travel in terms of constitutional law and human rights; Professor Dr. In the last session chaired by Nur Kaman, especially in the context of administrative law, the effects of flexible working in the public, distance education, the basic principles of public law in the new normal and the appearance of administrative activities were evaluated. Dr. It ended with Çalışkan's closing speech and an overview of the symposium papers.

Symposium IHU Faculty of Law Youtube live on channel

Videos of all papers presented at the Symposium Ibn Haldun University Faculty of Law Youtube It was opened to access on the channel. In addition, the papers are being prepared for publication by Ibn Haldun University Faculty of Law and will be made available to all interested parties free of charge for the benefit of the public.

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