Breathtaking Passenger Operation from IETT Team

The pussy trapped in a private public bus was rescued after hours
The pussy trapped in a private public bus was rescued after hours

A cat individual on the 38E line, who got on the Private Public Bus illegally, was removed from the place where he was stuck after an hour-long operation.

Passengers of the Private Public Bus of IETT working on the Gaziosmanpaşa-Eminönü line informed the driver that the cat sounded from the bottom of the vehicle during the journey at 06:40. Despite all the calls of the driver and passengers who stopped the vehicle, the cat was not found. Upon this, fire brigade teams were informed.

Firefighters reported that as a result of their work, the stuck cat can only be removed by the intervention of the tire. With the IETT roadside assistance teams being directed to the scene, the teams worked hard. However, despite the removal of the tire, the cat could not be removed from the place where it was stuck.

Thereupon, a detailed study was initiated on the vehicle pulled into the garage. Although the fuel tank and shock absorber were also removed, the cat was still inaccessible. The teams directed the work to the interior of the vehicle. The seats on the wheels were dismantled. Then the material covering the wheel was removed with careful work. The IETT team, which finally reached the exhausted and illegal passengers, met the joy of water to make the first intervention to the cat with great joy.

After the first intervention, the bus driver took the cat to his own house and entrusted it to his children who love animals so that he can recover himself. The bus driver said that the cat was wiped by his children, fed well, then the cat would be delivered to the IMM Veterinary Services Directorate.

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