Aegean Exporters' Associations Mobilized for Healthcare Professionals

eib mobilized for health workers
eib mobilized for health workers

Ege Exporters' Associations, which have signed many social responsibility projects during the coronavirus epidemic process, continue to support healthcare professionals.

Aegean Exporters Union Coordinator Chairman Jake Ashkenazic, Kovid-19 monitor is an active process of social responsibility of each Union since it was seen in Turkey, he said.

“In order to contribute to the struggle in our country, we put our social responsibility projects on our priority agenda for our devoted healthcare workers, the heroes of the pandemic, who are tired the most in this process. Our exporters from Egeli contacted the Health Directorates, Governorates, Agriculture and Forestry Directorates to shoulder the burden of healthcare workers, and made their efforts to mobilize all their possibilities, wherever their arms were extended. We have demonstrated that we are a large non-governmental organization by acting in great solidarity beyond being Aegean Exporters' Associations. ”

Eskinazi listed the aid provided to ensure that healthcare professionals work in a safer environment:

“We supplied the most needed mask, ventilator, CPR device, patient follow-up monitors, sampling cabinets and intubation cabinets to our needy hospitals in intensive care units. We also provided surgical coveralls, masks, fever gauges, intubation cabins to İzmir and Aydın Provincial Health Directorate, and mask support to İzmir and Manisa Provincial Agricultural and Forestry Directorates. We delivered dry food aid and hand hygiene products under the coordination of the Governorship of Izmir and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. ”

Jak Eskinazi said, “We continue to supply other protective equipment and devices needed by our healthcare workers in coordination with Health Directorates, Governorships, Agriculture and Forestry Directorates. While contributing to the normalization process with our social responsibility efforts, we also ensure that all our healthcare professionals perform their duties in a safe and hygienic environment. I believe that with the extraordinary effort of the healthcare professionals, we will get through this process in the near future and overcome these difficult days together. ” said.

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