60 Thousand People Receive Training at Turkcell Academy

a thousand people receive education at turkcell academy
a thousand people receive education at turkcell academy

Turkcell Academy, Turkey's first corporate university, where approximately 60 thousand employees receive online training, accelerates the digital transformation, which is the sine qua non of the 'new normal', with the trainings it provides. kazanyelling.

Turkcell Academy, Turkey's first corporate university, is even more important in the COVID-19 process. kazanan is pioneering digital transformation with the trainings it provides.

Turkcell Academy General Manager Banu İş Sezen stated that they are the most prepared company for the COVID-19 process with their investments in training and development platforms for years. Sezen said, “In this process, we started to support our corporate customers in digital transformation with the trainings we provided. We provide distance trainings on how institutions can prepare their digital content for their own solutions. Accelerate digital transformation with more than 2 trainings kazanwe nagged. In the 'new normal', we introduced our 'Case LAB remote assessment center' application to companies that want to digitalize not only in training but also in HR processes such as recruitment and promotion. We provided the opportunity to be a dynamic training team in employee development by offering 100 percent online, specially designed certificate programs to companies with operations all over Turkey.”

Sezen emphasized that they offer solutions to support their infrastructures together with corporate sales teams, which cannot provide the efficiency they want due to the capacity problem.

Sezen said, “We believe in the importance of companies continuing to invest in training and development in order to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty as well as corporate efficiency. For this very reason, as the 'academy' and training solution partner of corporate companies, we accelerate Turkey's digital transformation. kazanWe believe we will succeed,” he said.

They can prepare their own training programs

The LMS (Learning Management Systems) offered by Turkcell Academy to corporate companies, from the end where they can customize their interface to their users, add their own logos and institutional colors, define their own employees and their own training on the platform, and then assign training to their employees either by their own training or by choosing among the ready-made training on the platform. offers an online platform to the end. The product also allows employees to watch the training by signing in via SMS and email, and again to watch the training by logging in via the browser or the "My Academy" mobile application, and the training managers of the company, monitoring of the employees, exam results, surveys, etc. allows them to follow their reports.

In addition to the Turkcell ecosystem of approximately 55 thousand people at Turkcell Academy, it provides distance education to 60 employees via LMS with different programs prepared for different companies.

50 thousandth certificate was distributed

Turkcell Academy recently distributed its 50th certificate. Within the scope of the 'Retail Certification Program' launched in 2015 for personnel working in the Corporate and Individual Turkcell Store structure, 27 participants have been given a “Basic Retailing Certificate” to date. 'Basic Retailing Renewal Certificate' was given to 580 thousand 8 dealers' employees who came to the knowledge level exam by coming to the end of the certificate. The 810 employees who achieved the highest score from this exam also received the 'Advanced Retailing Certificate' made in partnership with Marmara University.

In the 'Vertical and Advanced Level Certification' programs created for store employees to provide better service to customers in line with company goals, 4 thousand 933 dealer employees are entitled to receive the 'Turkcell Financial Services Certificate'. kazanwas. Among these employees, 108 people who continued their education received the "Advanced Finanscell Certificate". In the vertical certification program created to increase the technology focus of store employees and to enable them to learn new technologies, 4 dealer employees received the "Digital Service and Solutions Certificate" and 330 employees received the "Next Generation Services Certificate".

At the end of the development program prepared to provide Turkcell Insurance services in stores and to increase employee expertise in in-store insurance services, 376 dealer employees are entitled to receive the 'SEGEM Certificate' in the SEGEM exam held by the Insurance Training Center. kazanwas.

Since the first day of the certification program, 51 thousand 150 certificates were given to the employees who succeeded in the development programs organized for store employees based on Turkcell goals and strategies.

Digital Masters started graduating

2018 thousand 2 people have applied to the Digital Masters program launched in 503 for Turkcell employees. The program, which consists of two levels as beginner and advanced, includes 12 trainings including artificial intelligence programming, business analytics, blockchain, data science, machine learning, natural language processing, advanced artificial intelligence programming. Approximately 1000 people graduated from the start date of the program.

The training of the departments starting as follows:

ICT: 1100 people started to receive training from online education platforms (Udemy, Udacity, Linux Academy). 50 in-class trainings (Java Starter, Advanced Java, ETL Beginner, Advanced ETL and Analyst Development Program) were transformed into Webinar and Virtual Classroom method, 550 people in total started to receive their training with the Webinar / Virtual Classroom method.

NT: 1000 people started to receive trainings on Udemy, Linux Academy, INE, Writers of the Future from online education platforms. 30 in-class trainings (Devops, SDN & NFV, Advanced Python, SQL) were transformed into webinar and virtual classroom method and a total of 500 people started to receive their training with the Webinar / Virtual Classroom method.

LEGAL OBLIGATIONInformation Security, TODİEK, Business Continuity, Competition Law and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption trainings, which are held under five different headings within the scope of Legal Obligation, are carried out as Video Learning. A total of 5 thousand Turkcell employees receive these trainings.

ACADEMY TRAINERS: 700 different virtual classroom trainings were designed for 3 volunteer academy trainers. Thus, it is aimed to increase the efficiency of trainers.

FUNCTIONAL EDUCATION: Turkcell has training and development processes that are outside the technical and sales teams, designed specifically for the needs of other function workers. Trainings are planned to be offered to employees through Virtual Classroom Application / Webinar or online development platforms (Coursera, Udemy etc.).

HAP + Live: HAP + trainings, which support the productivity of all Turkcell group employees working from home for this period, protecting their psychological and physical health and understanding the expectations of the customers in the future, are offered to employees with different trainings and expert trainers every week with the Live Virtual Classroom application. Those who cannot attend the live session can watch the trainings later on.

ORIENTATION: Orientation training of new recruits is carried out by digital trainings and virtual classroom method. Normally, the trainings will continue through the virtual classroom.

KVK & GENPA: Online virtual classroom trainings were planned, which will increase the efficiency of KVK and Genpa employees during working from home, and also aim to protect their psychological and physical health, and improve their understanding of customer expectations in the new period. Functional training needs of customer service, sales and finance employees are maintained through online video training and supportive live virtual classroom training on Turkcell Academy.

LEADERSHIP: It is aimed to raise awareness among all candidate managers by hosting a guest speaker every week after the pandemic in the strategy focus of the program designed online. The executive training program, which is implemented in partnership with Koç University, is carried out entirely online.

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