58% of Narlıdere Metro is Completed in the Coronavirus Process

Percent of the Narlidere subway has been completed in the coronavirus process.
Percent of the Narlidere subway has been completed in the coronavirus process.

The whole world is in the process of combating the epidemic coronavirus area under the influence of Turkey met with a new management model in terms of municipal management. In this new period, where planning and priorities changed completely, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality came to the fore with its “crisis municipalism” practices. Despite the heavy financial burden of the process, Metropolitan Municipality has not disrupted the services for the city and the city by investing 1,1 billion liras since the beginning of the year.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, yet with the first official case began to take strongly unexplained and acceleration of the epidemic process in Turkey "crisis municipality" application of the effect was also reflected in the economic picture of the coronavirus process it implemented. With the protective measures that spread all over the city and social support reaching tens of thousands of people, unforeseen increases in the spending budget of the municipality occurred. In the last three months, a total of 150 million TL was spent on all activities and material purchases specific to the global epidemic process. Despite this, services and investments continued without disruption, and an investment expenditure of 1 billion 100 million TL was made from the beginning of the year. However, social isolation, which negatively affected economic life, also reduced the revenues of the municipality and its affiliates. On the other side of the coin, there is an income loss exceeding 200 million liras due to the decrease in the use of public transportation, the decrease in the collection of water bills, the translation of rentals and advertising taxes.

Every need, from mask to social aid, was met

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has brought a solution to the problem of citizens not being able to supply masks, which has become one of the biggest crises in the coronavirus process, with the "Maskematic" formula. A total of 2 million masks, of which 240 million 4,5 thousand were produced at the Vocational Factory, were delivered to the public. A total of 270 thousand materials were produced for stimulating stickers, posters and informative visuals, and distributed to workplaces and social spaces used by the public.

In order to heal the economic wounds caused by the outbreak, 40 thousand families were given 400 TL in cash. Along with donations, food packages were distributed to 155 thousand 252 families. A total of 262 thousand 552 people, iftar meal, 422 thousand 150 of which were through People's Grocery, and 82 thousand 'Resistance Packages' consisting of 500 hot soups, vegetables and fruits were delivered to those in need. 5 million liters of milk were distributed to 1 thousand 5 children between the ages of 153-760. Support purchases continued with broad beans, artichokes and peas. Especially during the days of restraint, street animals were not forgotten and 3,8 tons of food was distributed.

120 million TL was spent for all social aid activities. In addition to the mask, disinfectant and other protective measures, the amount spent from the budget of the Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliates reached 150 million TL for all activities specific to the social benefits and pandemic process.

Revenue flow stopped but services did not stop

Izmir's local government suffered a huge loss in terms of budget revenues. Along with the restrictions, the decrease in the number of passengers in public transportation, the inability to read the water meters, and the displacement of rents and advertising taxes caused a decrease in revenues. Transportation revenues decreased by 85 percent, water revenues decreased by 55 percent. The total of income losses exceeded 200 million liras. However, despite all these extraordinary conditions, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continued its services to the city without interruption. From the beginning of the year, Büyükşehir, İZSU and ESHOT continued their investments by spending 1,1 billion TL in the period that covered the pandemic process.

Ongoing investments in the coronavirus process:

  • Although the conditions in this process slowed down the work, 58% of Narlıdere Metro was completed. A 75 million Euro loan was provided for the project.
  • Izmir Opera House studies continued under the precautions taken.
  • 68 buses were purchased. Tender preparations for a total of 134 buses, 170 bellows and 304 solo, have been completed.
  • One of the 2-car ferries bought joined the fleet.
  • Tender preparations for Çiğli Tramway, train set purchase studies for the tram line continued.
  • The sewage, drinking water network and stream cleaning works carried out by İZSU continued without slowing down, giving priority to the areas where traffic is intense in normal periods.
  • Turning curfews into opportunities, Metropolitan Municipality accelerated road and infrastructure works. From the beginning of March to today; 273 thousand tons of hot asphalt pavement and 144 thousand 854 tons of asphalt patch work was done. 227 thousand m² key paving stone application has been completed. Connection to the Food Bazaar from the Mürselpaşa Street side road to relieve traffic, Bayraklı Arrangements were carried out at a rapid pace in Soğukkuyu, Konak Vezirağa, Çiğli Ata Sanayi and Bornova Nilüfer Caddesi. Works to expand the transportation network with bicycles were also accelerated.

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