Yenikent Ayaş Highway Completed in 23 Days Opened to Traffic

yenikent ayas road completed in the day opened to traffic
yenikent ayas road completed in the day opened to traffic

Yenikent-Ayaş road expansion works, which Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş instructed to finish as soon as possible, were completed in 23 days. Approximately 5 thousand meters of road, consisting of 6 round-trip lanes with safety lane, which will greatly ease the traffic of the region, were opened to traffic. The first to announce that the new road was opened to traffic was the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavas.

Yenikent-Ayaş road expansion works, which were brought to the agenda of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş and ordered to be completed as soon as possible, were completed after an intense work.

Material maintenance work, which started on 29 May on the main road, which has not been resolved for years and where citizens wait for minutes, especially in the morning and evening peak hours, was completed on 20 June and opened to traffic for round trip.


On the road, which was completed in 29 days from 20 May to 23 June, in which the work was accelerated in October and the maintenance of the materials started, the teams of Science Department carried out 7/24 work.

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who said that they started the road expansion studies on the complaints of the citizens due to the traffic density and that the drivers can travel more comfortably and safely with the new road arrangement, announced the completion of the works through their social media accounts:

“I would like to thank my colleagues who completed the 6 km Yenikent-Ayaş Boulevard expansion work in 5 lanes in 23 days. The General Directorate of Highways continues to operate on Ayaş Yolu. We will start our 2nd Stage works soon for the military region. ”

5-Lane Roads with Safety Strips

While the number of construction equipment and personnel has been increased in order to finish the road between Sincan OSB Junction and Hasan Şahan Barracks as soon as possible, the teams of Metropolitan Municipality Science Works Department completed the asphalt paving process, which started on 2 June, in 18 days, after the material maintenance works. approximately 6 thousand meters of road opened to traffic.

A total of 5 thousand tons of asphalt pavement was carried out on the route consisting of 98 lanes round-trip with the safety lane.


Metropolitan Municipality spends a lot of work to make the city traffic safer with the boulevards and streets connected to each other simultaneously, in many points, regionally.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has scaled the Yenikent-Ayaş road traffic intensification with a widening work for a long time, also provided driving safety with its renewed asphalt works.

While there are 6 U-turn in the Ayaş direction and 1 intersections on the route of approximately 4 thousand meters, the regional traffic will be positively affected by the road expansion works in the direction of Ankara as far as Ayaş-Beypazarı direction.

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