Delivery of Armored Mobile Border Surveillance Vehicle Ateş Completed

katmerciler and aselsan completed fire delivery to security forces
katmerciler and aselsan completed fire delivery to security forces

Two important institutions of the Turkish defense industry have joined forces for the armored mobile border security vehicle, Ateş. The delivery of Armored Mobile Border Surveillance Vehicle Ateş, which was launched in cooperation with Katmerciler and ASELSAN, the leading defense technology company of our country, has been completed. The first batch of 20 projects of the project was held to the Ministry of Interior in May 2019. Katmerciler Chairman of the Board İsmail Katmerci also attended the ceremony held in ASELSAN facilities in Ankara.

Armored mobile border security vehicle, which was created by the combination of Katmerciler and ASELSAN's forces, produced and delivered a total of 57 units from Ateş.

In order to enhance the surveillance capacity of the Turkey-Greece border line, the scope of the projects supported by the European Union Pre-Accession Financial Assistance funds, the remaining ten FIRE Mobile Border Security System of factory acceptance tests have been completed. Ten systems were delivered to the relevant border units in Edirne and Kırklareli and all deliveries of the project were completed. Thus, the number of ATEŞ Mobile Border Security Systems operating on the Greece-Bulgaria border line increased to 57. The main beneficiary of the General Directorate of Provincial Administration of the Ministry of Interior is the Land Forces Command and the end user in the project.

Katmerciler Chairman of the Board of Directors, İsmail Katmerci at the first delivery: “We have developed a unique vehicle in which all possibilities of advanced technology are mobilized in border security. We are very pleased to work with ASELSAN, one of the technology leader companies of our country, in this project, which shows the synergy of the competencies of the two companies.

Katmerciler has always been an entrepreneurial, innovative and pioneering company. We have never been content with the present. We have always tried to do better. We are confidently moving forward to become a strong production and solution partner in our country's defense and security sector.

Two weeks ago at the International Defense Exhibition held IDEF'19, like fever, as our contractor Criminal Investigation Tool is another tool we have developed a new launch of Turkey had made barren. Immediately after this launch, we are very happy to deliver Ateş to our ministry with a nice ceremony. Our EU borders will now be much safer with Ateş. As the dynamic force of the defense sector, we will continue to contribute to our sector, our Armed Forces and Security Forces with innovative and creative projects. ” had made statements.

Ateş: Advanced Technology in Border Security Aselsan

Mobile Border Security Vehicle ATEŞ is the name of an armored or armored mobile border security vehicle developed specifically for border security. The project, which was tendered in 2017, was the supplier of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was implemented under the contractor of ASELSAN, was developed on Katmerciler's 4 × 4 HIZIR vehicle. ASELSAN's high-tech reconnaissance and surveillance systems have been integrated into the vehicle to be used in border security while maintaining all the superior features of HIZIR. It is a vehicle that stands out with its high technological features, high ballistic and mine protection.

With its Aselsan Acar Land Surveillance Radar and Aselsan Şahingözü-OD Electro-Optical Sensor Systems, it can make discovery surveillance for people and / or vehicles up to a distance of 40 km. In addition, with SEDA (YANKI), the Firing Point Detection System that few countries can produce and use, it can detect the enemy and share the coordinates with nearby friends.

The 4 × 4 FIRE has a 400 horsepower and V-Type monocoque body that provides high mine protection. The seats of the vehicle, which has a total of six personnel capacity and 6 doors / covers, should be damped against mines.

The maximum speed of ATEŞ per hour is 120 km. The range is 700 km. It is able to travel on a side slope of 30 percent. It is able to climb up to 60 percent. The vehicle, which can pass through 1 meter of water, can overcome steep obstacles of 45 cm and ditches of 100 cm. The radius of the vehicle with a height of 41 cm under the snow is 9 meters. The full capacity weight can reach 16 tons.

ATEŞ, which has KBRN air filter system and hydraulic rescue crane, has automatic fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system and independent suspension and differential locks. The tires of the power steering vehicle are flatulence. (Source: defenceturk)

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