Domestic and National Electric Tractor Factory is at the Establishment Stage

local and national electric tractor factory
local and national electric tractor factory

Minister Pakdemirli stated that with the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) process, many people want to take part in the agricultural sector and said, “We are developing projects for those who will participate in this business. Young people interested in agriculture can go to our provincial directorates and get information from there. ” said.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, organized by the AK Party R&D Department, "Library SohbetHe was a guest of the program “Advanced”.

Expressing that they are planning the food chain from A to Z with the work they carry out, Pakdemirli said that there are inefficiencies in this chain from time to time.

Pakdemirli pointed out that while entering the Kovid-19 process, some agricultural products were harvested, while others were not experiencing any problems despite the period of sowing, and that they took steps such as seed support, debt deferral and guarantee of purchase.

Stating that they closely follow the field, the processes of the crop after the field, the balance of imports and exports, Pakdemirli said:

“Many people who are not in agriculture with pandemic want to be in this sector. We are developing projects for those who will get involved in this job. Agricultural work is actually very profitable. When he sells almonds or walnuts, he amortizes himself in 6 years. However, this is unknown. Everyone understood that life in cities is a synthetic life. 2 needs, health and food that cannot be postponed in the event of a pandemic. In this sense, we get serious feedback. Young people interested in agriculture can go to our provincial directorates and get information from there. ”

Pakdemirli, even in markets abroad needle was found in Turkey in the process of pandemic never empty shelves noting that, "In this process, retail, food and transport sectors also worked well. The only issue that our exports increase is food. ” found the assessment.


Explaining that they have implemented the Digital Agriculture Market and the Agriculture and Forestry Academy, Pakdemirli said, “Our Ministry also carries out electric tractor works. He spends the day with a charge of 10-20 pounds, not 200-250 pounds diesel. After the prototype, the factory is currently in the process of being established. The factory to be established in the Marmara Region begins production before the end of this year. ” he spoke.

Reforestation efforts on providing information to Pakdemirli, Turkey Ranked # 3 after India and China among the countries that increases the presence of green, while the fighting said the leader. Minister Pakdemirli also reminded that UAVs will be used to fight fire this year.

Pakdemirli, Turkey's overall shortage of seed production is not only said he wrote a quantity of vegetable seed imports, used the following phrases:

“Certified seed production amounted to 1,1 million tons. By the end of the year, there will be 1 million 150 thousand tons. Seed exports came to $ 149 million. Turkish Republic from Turkey, Russia, European countries and even going even received the seed of Israel. Turkey's non-GMO products out of our dorm-producing countries due to a more value-added marketing as we need them. "

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