Reputation Management in the New World Order

reputation management in the new world
reputation management in the new world

“Brand Reputation” is in the first place in today's conditions, where the digital world is playing a more and more serious role in determining the preferences and the importance of brand investments is increasing day by day in order to stand out in global competition. While the whole world is trying to overcome the crisis period caused by the pandemic, brands have come to the stage of reshaping their strategies. The footsteps of many new initiatives and brands will be heard after the pandemic period. Hosted Reputation Management Consultant Salim Kadıbeşegil, moderated by journalist-author Nihat Demirkol EGİAD - Aegean Young Businessmen Association opened the title of "Reputation of Brands and Companies in the Covid-19 Era" with online webinar.

Since December 2019, the coronavirus that has turned the global economic balances under the influence of the world has also played a major role in the future of brands. In the days when institutions discussed profit, turnover and export figures, 'Brand Reputation' was at least as important as these figures. At this point, it brings together its members with the experts of the subject in order to protect the Reputation of Brands and Companies. EGİADHosted Reputation Management Consultant Salim Kadıbeşegil. Kadıbeşegil, who came together through video conferencing, gave information about the importance of the concept of “Reputation Management” and what business representatives should do about this, especially in times of crisis. Making the opening speech of the seminar EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Aslan, emphasized that it is more important for companies to survive this period, when the world is in uncertainty and facing economic difficulties, with the least damage and maintaining their reputation.

Use of Brands That Harm Humanity Will Decrease

Reminding that consumers' perspective on brands and companies has been changing recently, Aslan pointed out that the sensitivity is increasing for a more fair and sustainable world, “I think this increase will continue after the crisis. There will be even more radical changes. I guess it will reduce the use of brands that consumers think harm the planet, humanity. The companies will also have to do more realistic jobs instead of showcasing social responsibility campaigns to save the day. ” Indicating that Covid-19 represents the beginning of a new era for Earth EGİAD President Mustafa Aslan said, “All habits and lifestyle of human beings have been redesigned. Working from home was previously used especially in enterprises with a strong IT infrastructure. Before this crisis, examples of working from home or from distance were increasing, but I guess that this will continue as an explosion. Apart from more flexible working hours, we will go towards a new business world where office rules, organizations, upside down relationships and clothing and other details will change. It is very likely that we will move to a period when companies will question the competence of their current employees. It will be of great importance that employees develop their technology and social competencies. Competencies such as emotional intelligence, creativity, re-learning, entrepreneurship, empathy, using advanced communication and technology, advanced data analysis and technology development will come to the fore. ”

Moral Values ​​Should Be Built on Companies' Spine

Reputation Management Consultant Salim Kadıbeşegil emphasized that it is very important not to lose value in the eyes of the employee and the society, to be a reputable company, “We are going through processes where we consume natural resources and cannot replace them. We started the new century with a population of 1.2 billion, and we are now based on 8 billion. We got into the madness of consumption without bringing moral values ​​to the agenda. Global crises did not teach us anything. What we need to do is to learn from them and plan the future. States have globalized by gaining land in history, and with the industrial revolution, companies and brands have globalized. It was a value for money. Issues such as being fair and ethical were swept under the rug. In fact, we should have been managing companies with the awareness of our responsibilities. For this, our values ​​should be reflected in the decisions in daily life. "Reputable company is a matter of being a company that is admired and appreciated by the society." Emphasizing that Ethical Trade is on the agenda and is very important at this point, Salim Kadıbeşegil stated that the companies managed with this understanding are more preferred and said, “The way to design the future will be possible with modeling that takes the society to the center. We will now ask for representatives from non-governmental organizations on the company's boards. Civil society has a very important power. ” Employees of the shift in this period emphasized that it is very important not only to be a human resource, but to consider it as a human value, and to place it in the backbone of the company's intellectual capital, “Because they are all members of the same family. The priorities and the way they are managed in financial policies are also an indicator of reputation. "The behavior behind fairness, ethical, responsible and accountable principles behind each decision is very closely related to the reputation of companies."



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