Minister Varank: We are Focused on Realizing a Permanent Recovery

we are focused on realizing a long lasting recovery
we are focused on realizing a long lasting recovery

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that the measures should be determined as a lifestyle in the new normal coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic measures and said, “We want to minimize the extent of the damage and make the best use of the opportunities offered by this period. For this reason, we focused on realizing a permanent recovery on the production front by calling health first. ” said.

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Joint Committees Meeting was held with a video conference system with the participation of Minister Varank.

Reminding that there are supply and demand shocks in the global economy due to Kovid-19, Varank said that the process marks the beginning of a new period.

Emphasizing that a successful test in Turkey's fight against Kovid-19 Varank, told applied measures taking into account economic sustainability.

Stating that the Turkish industry showed its ability to adapt rapidly to production and changes during the epidemic period, Varank stated that projects continue in the field of diagnostic kit and diagnostic systems with vaccine and drug development studies.

Pointing out that the steps of normalization have been taken with the change of the course of the epidemic at the point reached, Varank said, “In the new normal, we have to determine our measures as our new lifestyle. We want to minimize the extent of the damage and make the best use of the opportunities offered by this period. For this reason, we focused on realizing a permanent recovery on the production front by calling health first. ” he spoke.

Stating that positive signals have been received from the real sector in the last two weeks, Varank stated that electricity consumption in organized industrial zones (OIZ) has started to increase since the beginning of May.

Emphasizing that they are carefully following the data in Bursa, Varank reported that electricity consumption increased by 32 percent in average in the first two weeks of May in the OIZs of Demirtaş, Bursa, İnegöl, Nilüfer, Kestel and Hasanağa.

Varank said that 90% of the first and second parts of the infrastructure works of TEKNOSAB OSB were completed and the first investments will start here in the July-August period.


Stating that all of the automotive main factories are operating throughout the country and that there are firms that go into production again, Varank said that the sector representatives and OSB administrations wanted to work.

Varank reminded that the codes of the current period will be shaped through definitions such as safe production, trade and tourism, and reminded that healthy production rules were determined within this scope.

Emphasizing that the measures introduced protect the health of employees in industrial enterprises, Varank said that the measures will add strength to the competitiveness of enterprises at low cost.

Varank, did not occur in the world of standards in this area they want to be a pioneer in drawing attention to Turkey, he urged the company to take the safe production of documents by following these guidelines. Minister Varank said, “If the rules are followed, the effect of the epidemic on production will decrease and disappear. Your resistance to pandemic will increase and with the improvement in foreign demand, you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors in the post-Kovid-19 period. ” found the assessment.

"New normal" switch pointing reshaped global supply chain Varank, the world economy will begin to form new production centers and at this point that there is a significant opportunity in front of Turkey, Bursa's also very much with the advantages of foreign investors could also become targets told .

Indicating that industrialists should be agile and force international cooperation opportunities, Varank said, “Contact international companies operating in your sector, and search for ways of doing common business. Bring the capacity you have in supply to areas of added value with such collaborations. ” he spoke.


Noting that they will announce the results of the call made in the machinery industry next month in the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program, which was launched last year, Varank informed that new calls will open in July.

Varank suggested that the program aims to make the best use of domestic resources by trying new methods in production, and advised that the calls should be followed closely.

Touching on the "model factory" in Bursa or Varank, "Lean training and digital transformation training of companies continues successfully. I know that the model factory has visitors from Mersin, Gaziantep, Konya, Kayseri, Tarsus, Ardahan, Balıkesir, Bilecik and Eskişehir by crossing the borders of Bursa. This situation is very pleasing to show the awareness in the industry. ” used expressions.

Pointing out the importance of KOSGEB's new support mechanism announced last week, Varank reminded that SMEs, who will transform their businesses by training in model factories, will cover up to 70 thousand lira of education expenses. Varank said:

“The trainings you will receive in model factories will return to you as an increase in efficiency and competition. I am pleased that the companies that have been trained in model factories in Ankara and transformed their businesses talk about the efficiency rates of 100-150 percent. We believe that this work will be very effective in the transformation of the Turkish industry. ”

Varank, noting that domestic production base of Turkey's Bursa's industrial employment fell much more in the future, adding that the ministry will give every support.

The meeting was attended by BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay. (Source:

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