Governor Ayhan: 'Ankara Sivas YHT Line is the Biggest Railway Project in the History of the Republic'

ankara sivas yht line
ankara sivas yht line

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan examined the ongoing works at the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Eşmebaşı Tunnel. Governor Ayhan and those accompanying him also congratulated the workers who worked devotedly during the holiday.

At the 318th kilometer of the Ankara-Sivas YHT line, 422 dents have occurred in the tunnel in Eşmebaşı, which has a total length of 8 meters. In the incident that took place on March 3, 2020, a total of 102-meter dent was observed. In order to strengthen the weak sections in the region where the dregs occur, cement injection was made by piercing a total of 80 thousand 6 areas of 2 centimeters in length of 1 meters. As of today, approximately 530 percent of the tunnel was completed by injecting one thousand 76 holes.

 “I Congratulate the Employees Who Devotedly Work”

Governor Ayhan examined the injection work done in the tunnel. Receiving information from the authorities, Governor Ayhan and his accompanying people congratulated the tunnel workers who worked devotedly during the holiday.

Governor Ayhan, who made statements in the tunnel, said that Eşmebaşı Tunnel is one of the most important working points of Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train construction. Stating that the only point between Sivas and Yerköy is the endless infrastructure, the Eşmebaşı Tunnel, Ayhan said, “In fact, it was finished in February. A different working technique was developed here because it was collapsed in an area of ​​3 meters on March 100. We came here to both examine these works on the spot and to thank and applaud our colleagues who work even during the holidays. A very feverish work is being done. This tunnel is 422 meters long. The tunnel is drilled from approximately 2 thousand different points, cement is injected and the structure is strengthened, and after this strength, I hope that at the beginning of June, after this process is finished, the infrastructure will be finished and the Yozgat-Yerköy will be completely finished. 2 thousand tons of cement are injected from 17 thousand different points. An extraordinary technical study. We have studied the above studies. This year, we have thanked, applauded and congratulated our heartfelt thanks to our friends, who even worked on the feast for the issuance of tickets. ” said.

“The Biggest Project in the History of the Republic”

Stating that this project is the biggest railway project in the history of the Republic, Governor Ayhan said, “With the special and precise follow-up of our President in the history of the Republic, our TCDD General Manager working in the area with precision in this region, TCDD employees, authorized companies, everyone is anxious. works the way. May our citizens be good cheers. Even in a 3-month timeframe in the fight against coronavirus, of course there was a slowdown, but there was never any lack of will in excitement, motivation, study. Hopefully the train services will start at the end of the year. In this Eşmebaşı Tunnel, our friends write a success story, which will be a historical note. There is a great technique, a great effort here. We especially want this to be recorded. As you know, similar studies are carried out in T15 and T8 tunnels in Kırıkkale. Eşmebaşı Tunnel is very important for us. ” he spoke.

Governor Salih Ayhan later examined the rail laying works at the entrance of Yıldızeli district station. Governor Ayhan wished convenience to the workers by receiving information from the authorities in the area where an average of 1,5 kilometers of rail laying was carried out daily.

Governor Ayhan was accompanied by Deputy Governor and Private Administration Secretary General M. Nebi Kaya, Yıldızeli District Governor Furkan Atalık, Provincial Police Chief Kenan Aydoğan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander İdris Tataroğlu, TCDD Plant 4th Regional Manager Ali Karabey and other officials.

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Map of Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train

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