71 Endemic Plant Species Detected in Tuz Gölü Basin

Endemic plant tour detected in salt lake basin
Endemic plant tour detected in salt lake basin

Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, stated that they have identified 71 unique endemic plant species in the Salt Lake Basin in the world and that 20 thousand 381 baby flamingos have opened their eyes to life in Salt Lake last year.

The institution shared its scientific researches about the bird and plant species in the Tuz Gölü Basin from its Twitter account to date. Salt Lake Basin is one of Turkey's most important wetlands and the only institution stating that natural values ​​are hosting rare in this world and not in Turkey, "Salt Lake Basin in the scientific research results that we have done so far unique in the world 71 identified different endemic plant species We have. These endemic plants are a very valuable resource for our world in this period when the effects of climate change are intensely felt with its salt and drought resistant structure. In addition, 226 of the 8 plant species in the Salt Lake Basin have taken their place among the newly discovered plant species. ” used expressions.


Salt Lake visuals are also sharing the Institution, the world's largest saltwater, one of the lake and Turkey's salt production largely containing lake lush vegetation, as well as 17 teams, 34 families belonging to the total of 101 species of birds hosts, he said.

Turkey is a party to many international Under an agreement to be protected species located between Turkey's largest flamingo colony of the Authority highlighted that live in this natural wonder, "from last year to now 20 thousand 381 tiny flamingo Salt Lake has opened his eyes to life. As the Ministry, our monitoring activities will continue without interruption in order to protect the plant and bird species living in the Tuz Gölü Basin, which is the Special Environmental Protection Area. Our pike which is the symbol of elegance, which has been inhabited Anatolia for a thousand years, will always decorate our folk songs and sayings. ” found the assessment.


According to information received from the Ministry, Turkey's second largest lake in Salt Lake, located around Tersakan, Duden, Abundance, Eşmekaya, Akgöl and dogs are among the important breeding and wintering area for waterfowl on the lake, flamingos, which endangered, steppe eagle and immature It is a habitat for.

Within the scope of the population monitoring studies of the flamingo species carried out in the Tuz Gölü Special Environmental Protection Area since 2003, 2008 puppies were detected in 1610 and 2013 thousand 20 puppies in 292.

The number of puppies in Salt Lake reached the highest number in 2011, 2012 and 2013 compared to the Mediterranean and West African Regions. However, the number of puppies in Salt Lake dropped to 2014 in a sudden drop in 2. In 893, the counts made by the General Directorate of Protection of Natural Assets under the Ministry identified 2016 puppies in Tuz Gölü. The number of puppies, which was 9 thousand 564 in 2017 and 11 in 79, reached the highest level with 2018 thousand 12 puppies in 746.

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