Turkey's 70-year dream with the Ilisu Dam Unveiled

turkiyenin-year dream of the Ilisu Dam into service
turkiyenin-year dream of the Ilisu Dam into service

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, Turkey's largest power generation Ilisu is one of the projects dam is put into service the first of six turbines therefore organized spoke at the ceremony: "Our nation knows Juice saints We are pleased and proud to introduce such a service." said.

Minister Pakdemirli attended the Ilısu Dam Power Plant 1st Turbine commissioning ceremony, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated with video conferencing, from Mardin Dargecit, where the dam is located.

“On this meaningful day when our struggle for liberation began; We are proud and proud to launch the first unit of our Ilısu Dam, which has been waiting for our nation for 70 years, with the high will set by you despite all the obstacles both domestically and internationally, and to bring our saint nation, who knows the water, with such a service. We are grateful to Allah Almighty. ” Pakdemirli, under the leadership of President Erdogan, "Water flows, looks at the word of Turkish" said that the word is now history.

Pakdemirli said, “This vision, which has been put forward by our AK Party governments under the leadership of President Erdogan for the last 18 years, with the motto of serving the public is service to the right, will lead to great works and permanent works on behalf of our state and nation. kazanIt has been instrumental.” he said.

“The two floors of the dam built in 48 years were built in the last 2 years”

Pakdemirli noted that DSI has achieved numerous records in the history of the Republic by backing its great mission on water and electricity, which is one of the lifeblood of agriculture, service and energy sectors since 2002, continued:

“48 times the dam built in 2 years has been built in the last 18 years. 48 times the hydroelectric power plant built in 6 years has been built in the last 18 years. The number of ponds built in 48 years has been made in the last 2 years. 18 floors of the drinking water facility built in 48 years have been built in the last 3 years. 18 times the consolidation in 48 years has been done in the last 22 years. This also shows that; service is not a job, it is a job of faith As the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, our waters, which are the most eternal and eternal heritage of our homeland, which is surrounded by seas on 18 sides and surrounded by rivers on 3 sides, has been the most important factor that determines all our policies as well. ”


Expressing that they continue to implement projects and programs in order to get the most efficiency from water, including energy and electricity production, to prevent waste of water, to turn the country, which is not rich in water, into a water tank with aboveground and underground dams, said:

“Until 2023, the storage facility capacity is from 177 billion to 200 billion cubic meters, from 66 million to 85 million decares of irrigation area, from 4,5 billion to 6 billion cubic meters of drinking water supplied to settlements, to 10 thousand 306 of the flooded chroma plants. We aim to increase 85 million decares under your leadership. Today, we are putting our love, Ilısu Dam, which we grew with patience and labor for 12 years, to enlighten our future. ”

Emphasizing that Ilısu Dam, which is the largest dam established on the Tigris River, is the second largest dam in the GAP Project after Atatürk Dam, and said, “I will reduce our foreign dependency and current account deficit with the Ilısu Dam, where we commissioned the first turbine in the southeast of our country, we are making very important moves that will ensure the peace of the region. ” said.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that with the commissioning of the first turbine of Ilısu Dam, which has a total of 6 turbines and will produce 4 billion 120 million kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric energy annually, they aim to generate an additional income of 700 million lira annually by producing hydroelectric energy.


Stating that this production amount means meeting the annual energy needs of a city with a population of 1 million, Pakdemirli said, “After this first turbine, we aim to put one more turbine into service every month and start production at Ilısu Dam until the end of the year. When Ilısu Dam starts production with full capacity, it will produce 4 billion 120 million kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric energy annually. It will contribute 2,8 billion liras annually to our economy. This project will pay for itself in 6 years with this great energy it will produce. This production figure will mean meeting the annual energy needs of a city of 6 million people. ” spoke in the form.

Pakdemirli has made a great contribution to the country with huge investments, mega projects and ambitious projects. kazanNoting that they have provided projects, he noted that the Ilısu Dam is one of these important projects.

It is stated that Ilısu Dam is in the first place in the world in terms of filling volume and body length, in the form of concrete-covered rockfill dam type, and it is the third largest storage volume of the country after Atatürk and Keban Dams with a storage volume of 1 billion cubic meters. In addition to this great energy production, Pakdemirli brought water to the Cizre Dam, which was regulated in the Ilısu Dam and left in the Cizre Dam, and that a total of 10,6 thousand decares of land will be irrigated with modern techniques, and 3 billion 765 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year. stated that it would be produced.


Explaining that, when the Cizre Dam, Pakdemirli is completed, it is aimed to provide an additional income increase of 1 billion Turkish lira per year. The line, which is tried to be transformed into a terrorist corridor, will rise to a safer region level, and the welfare of our people will be increased in terms of both socio-economic and security. Within the scope of Ilısu Dam, an extraordinary effort and maximum sensitivity, which will set an example for the world in terms of preserving not only energy production but also historical and cultural assets, has been demonstrated. ” used expressions.

Expressing that Hasankeyf Upper City has been reorganized and turned into an open-air museum, Pakdemirli stated that the total settlement area in Hasankeyf has increased 6 times and the area of ​​public buildings, green spaces and social facilities has increased 10 times compared to the past.


Thanking everyone who contributed to the construction of the Ilısu Dam, who shed and supported the sweat, Pakdemirli said, “We have given many martyrs in the construction phase of our Ilısu Dam, which became a reality after 70 years of dreams. Here, I commemorate the people who died from the construction worker to the security officer with mercy on this blessed day. May Allah be pleased with them. ” said.

Minister Pakdemirli wished that the blessed Kadir Night would be beneficial and added that on the occasion of 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, Gazi Mustafa Kemal remembers Atatürk and saint martyrs with mercy and respect, and the youth celebrated the holiday with the most heart.

Following the speeches, the first turbine was put into service with the instructions of President Erdoğan and the press of the minister Pakdemirli and Dönmez.

DSI Deputy General Manager Kaya Yıldız, Mardin Governor and Deputy Mayor Mustafa Yaman, Siirt Governor and Deputy Mayor Ali Fuat Atik, Batman Governor and Deputy Mayor Hulusi Şahin, Governor of Sirnak Ali Hamza Pehlivan, Sirnak Mayor Mehmet Yarka, AK Party deputies, contractor officials and representatives of institutions attended.


Tigris was built on the river and the installed capacity in terms of Ataturk, Karakaya and after the Keban Dam Ilisu Dam is the fourth largest dam in Turkey's position, the front face of concrete faced rock fill dam in terms of filling volume and body length in the world ranks first.

The dam, which is 135 meters high from the foundation and has a filling volume of 24 million cubic meters, is 820 meters crest long.

Ilısu Dam and hydroelectric power plant consist of 200 turbines each with a power of 6 MW. With the commissioning of the first turbine, 687 million kWh of electricity will be produced annually and an additional 355 million lira will be added to the economy.

With the commissioning of one more turbine every month, it is aimed that the dam will start production at full capacity until the end of the year.

When the power plant with a total installed power of 1200 MW is commissioned with full capacity, an average of 4 thousand 120 GWh energy will be produced annually. Thus, an annual contribution of 412 million dollars will be made from energy production to the economy.

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