55 Million Distributed Context Koronavirüsl Terror Mask in Turkey

koronavirusl to fight within the scope of masks million was distributed turkiyede
koronavirusl to fight within the scope of masks million was distributed turkiyede

Communications President Fahrettin Altun stated that 55 million masks were sent to pharmacies within the scope of combating coronavirus.

Altun, the social media accounts "coronavirus in Turkey" in a statement by the title, they continue to bring citizens to the great sacrifice the country abroad, she do all the preparations for the new world order will be established after the coronavirus, said they look to the future.

Fahrettin Altun, said: "The Turkish Pharmacists Association (TEB) Chairman Erdogan Colak, that until now Turkey in pharmacies to 55 million people with masks sent, said he distributed to citizens by pharmacies to 40 million masks. The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) announced that the total number of quarantined people in the dormitories was 65.511 under coronavirus measures. by road from Iraq to Turkey brought 127 Turkish citizens in Mardin, Diyarbakir 90 Turkish nationals were placed in the dormitory of the Youth and Sports Ministry 14 days to be quarantined. The Ministry of Justice announced that the measures taken in prisons due to KOVID-19 were extended until May 15, with the advice of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee. Foreign Minister Cavusoglu, Turkey's Oceania, Far East, with attendant effects Kovid-19's consul general in Asian and Caucasus countries and conducted meetings via video conference on the situation of Turkish citizens. Industry and Technology Minister Varank attended the extraordinary meeting held by the G20 Digital Economy Ministers to discuss the more effective use of digital economic policies in the fight against the KOVID-19 outbreak. The Ministry of Health has updated the infection control methods in the operating rooms within the scope of combating coronavirus.

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