Turkey Launches Healthy Tourism Certification Program

healthy turkey has launched a tourism certification program
healthy turkey has launched a tourism certification program

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched the Healthy Tourism Certification program, which will be effective from the summer season of 2020.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, Transportation, Interior and Foreign prepared with the contribution of all sectors of stakeholders cooperation of the Ministry "Healthy Tourism Certification", your holiday will be spent in Turkey, Turkish citizens and accommodation of transportation for foreign visitors, the passengers of the plant employees will be taken on a wide range of own health covers measures.

The certificate to be issued by international certification bodies; It will certify that high-level health and hygiene conditions are met at the airlines, airports and other means of transportation and accommodation and catering facilities.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism launched the "Healthy Tourism Certification" program. The program, which will be valid as of the summer season of 2020, will include a wide range of measures ranging from transportation to accommodation, from facility staff to the health of passengers.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, about the certification program will be provided from international organizations "Turkey, with strong health infrastructure in the period behind us, and he spent the pioneering measures to be examples to the world. this certification program we receive the application, in Turkey, in the new normal also shows that tourism plays a leading role.

The global quarantine measures taken due to Covid-19, which have caused unprecedented developments in the world until today, are slowly stretching; The tourism sector plays a vital role in people's return to normal. With the awareness of this importance, the importance given to the guest in our culture encourages us to be prepared before anyone else to move on to healthy tourism after Covid-19.

Our certification program to prepare for our guests a vacation in Turkey, will provide a safe and hygienic way to spend peace of mind. The program we started includes the preventive and protective steps that cover the tourists, who will come on holiday in our country, the air, sea and land transportation vehicles they will use, the ports they land on, all the facilities where they will experience the holiday, the employees who will serve them and even their own health conditions. We will encourage all our transportation and accommodation facilities to take all necessary measures for a healthy holiday by obtaining the certificate. ” said.

Healthy Tourism Certification Program Meets in 4 Main Topics

certification program launched by Turkey, "Passenger health and safety", "Employee health and safety", "The measures taken at the facilities" and "measures taken in the transport equipment", including 4 gathered in the main title.

The certificate "Passenger health and safety" section of the passengers, it will be applied until the moment they entered Turkey contains measures and output measures required. There are protocols to be applied for passengers who do not have to take the maskless passengers inside the terminal entrances, provide free masks to the passengers, thermal camera at the entrance to the terminal buildings, body fever measurement applications, create disinfection carpets and disinfection cabinets if necessary.

The part of the program titled “Employee health and safety” covers measures to ensure the physical and mental health of the personnel working in transportation, accommodation and food and beverage facilities. According to the new requirements of hygiene and sanitation training, the psychological support to be given to the personnel, the provision of the necessary hygiene / health equipment, the inspection and shift planning, meeting arrangements, the screening of the personnel with the appropriate standards, and shift planning, meeting arrangements, personnel scanning, etc. Procedures such as reorganization constitute the other items in this topic.

The heading “Measures taken in the facilities” within the scope of the certificate also covers the measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic and the certification process related to the regulations and measures related to the activities of the accommodation and food and beverage facilities in the process. With the certification, measures such as distance, contact and isolation required to control the pandemic are also implemented and supervised by all personnel working in the facilities.

The last title, “Measures taken in transportation vehicles” includes certain measures and regulations in air, land and sea transportation vehicles as in other facilities. These include measures such as the training of personnel working in transportation vehicles, the personnel's immunity certificate, sterilization of transportation vehicles and the arrangement of the passenger transport system according to safe distance standards.

Minister Ersoy, finally, “We have completed pandemic protocols and certification processes that have been created separately for airport operations, domestic airlines, highways and tourism facilities as of 04 May 2020. We are planning to implement the certification processes for hotel businesses as of May. As of June 1, 2020, we will announce the facilities receiving this certification through all channels including the website of our Ministry.

both our citizens in this whole process as we heard Turkey would act responsibly in order to complete the trip in the complacency of our guests come to our country. We have a proverb that shows Turkish hospitality: 'Our guest has a place on our heads!'. We have always acted with this principle and we will continue this sensitive process with these principles. ” He emphasized the sensitivity shown in this regard by giving the words regarding the certificate program and the normalization process after Covid-19.

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