13. Place the World Tourism Income Rises in Turkey

During the rise of world tourism revenue in turkey
During the rise of world tourism revenue in turkey

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) of the United Nations published the May 2019 barometer, which includes 2020 data.

While Turkey is the sixth country with the highest number of visitors in the world, it rose two more steps in tourism revenues and ranked 13th.

Maintaining its sixth place in the ranking of the countries with the highest tourism income in Europe in recent years, Turkey had a tourism income of 2019 billion dollars in 34,5, according to TUIK data.

Rising to 2018th place in Europe and 4th place in the world in 2020 in the ranking of the countries hosting the most visitors, Turkey's success in the visitor ranking according to the May 2019 barometer of the World Tourism Organization did not change in XNUMX.

In terms of tourism revenue remained the same compared to the 2018 European rankings last year, Turkey is the 2019th in the world rankings in 15 was increased to 13 ordinary.

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