Turkish Cargo Starts Flights From İzmir

turkish cargo starts flights from izmir
turkish cargo starts flights from izmir

Turkish Cargo (THY), the cargo brand of Turkish Airlines, which has achieved the highest growth rate among the top 25 air cargo carriers, is planning an expedition to İzmir every day on May 28.

Turkish Cargo Deputy General Manager Turhan Özen, Vice President of Cargo Sales Ahmet Kaya, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Adana provinces Cargo Managers answered the airline cargo questions of fresh fruit and vegetable exporters, pandemic process. evaluated.

President of the Association of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters who moderated the meeting Hayrettin aircraft, increasing the number of flights in order to meet all the needs of Turkish Cargo exporters during the coronavirus said it continued to be the solution partner of Turkey for manufacturers and exports.

“While the restriction on travel due to the coronavirus reduced the traffic of passenger aircraft, it brought the density on the cargo aircraft side. In addition to cargo planes, cargo is carried by the planes in THY's passenger fleet. With Turkish Cargo, which has the world's sixth largest air cargo carrying capacity, we ship our value added products with low shelf life to many countries. Unit prices and fees will become more reasonable as the number of flights opens. In 2019, 6 million 213 thousand dollars of fresh fruit and vegetables were transported by air in exchange for 19 thousand 761 tons of products. Exports of fresh fruits and vegetables made by air last year increased by 2018 percent in value compared to 9. ”

Hong Kong ranks first with $ 4 million 309 thousand

Having said that the highest export of fruits and vegetables by air is to Hong Kong with 4 million 309 thousand dollars, he said that Norway followed Hong Kong with 2 million 525 thousand dollars and Singapore with 1 million 656 thousand dollars.

“Exports to China amounted to 1 million 337 thousand dollars. France, on the other hand, is in fifth place with 1 million dollars in our air cargo exports. With the expansion of Turkish Airlines' flight network, Turkish Cargo increases its influence in international markets, so our market network is expanding. Cherry exports, which took the first place in air fresh fruit and vegetable exports last year with 10 million dollars, increased by 2018 percent in terms of quantity and 23 percent in value compared to 53. Our second most exported product was mushrooms with 2 million 349 thousand dollars. In fig exports, 2019 million 7 thousand dollars revenue was obtained in 2 with an increase of 569 percent. ”

Stating that cherry exports to Taiwan and South Korea have been opened recently after China, he said, “Before Pandemic, we had two Ur-Ge projects for China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Far East and South East Asia. South Korea, which entered the Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, now conducts twice a week. ” said.

First time on 28 May

Turkish Cargo Regional Manager Faik Deniz announced that an expedition to Izmir is planned every day on 28 May.

”If there is a wide body, we will be able to send to Istanbul about 30 tons. This will somewhat relieve the need for capacity. As it is sensitive products, we will give priority to fresh fruits and vegetables for capacity. If the volume of trade increases in cherry export with China, we will put charter or additional flights. This year is unlikely, but I think we will be able to do charter operations depending on the increase in demand in the coming years. Our entire operation continues compactly at a single airport. The problems will be further reduced. In Izmir, we removed our pallets and loads by applying disinfection process for fish. It was a protection disinfection that would reduce the effect of the coronavirus and maintain it for 30 days. The Ministry of Health approved procedure was performed for the first time in Izmir. This also prevents cross-contamination. The virus is not crossing over. ”

Products will be loaded onto the plane without breaking the cold chain

Faik Deniz, who announced that the cold storage depot with an area of ​​731 square meters and an area of ​​3 878 cubic meters was completed in February, said:

"20-25 years of cold storage with the size of Izmir means to meet their needs. When we include warehouses that we cannot renew, we have close to 4 thousand cubic meters of cold storage. When we pass the products through X-ray, they are taken to the warehouse directly and the cold chain is not broken. We also conveyed our demands regarding the special equipment we will take under the aircraft. The products will be loaded on the plane without breaking the cold chain. The warehouse is between 0 and 8 degrees. We have a plan for dulls in the second phase. We will do the negative grade. We thought in the cold weather in the first project. However, if you make the minus degree in cold air, it will make icing and you should use it in a separate room. ”

Additional expedition to South Korea is on the agenda

Turkish Cargo Assistant General Manager Turhan Özen said, “If there is a demand for increasing voyages to South Korea, we support the addition of up to one month at least during the period when the cherry will be the busiest. We are reaping the fruits of the works that have been done with the Aegean Exporters' Associations for 3-4 years. By continuing this increase we caught with the start of cherry exports to China in June last year, we will increase our fresh fruit export in air cargo. Our passenger planes start in June. We provide connections with all the countries of the world. The shelf life of products such as fresh fruit and vegetables is low and the cost is high. Therefore, we act specially in the fresh fruit sector in terms of capacity and price. ” he spoke.

THY's normalization plan is ready

Özen said that this year, air cargo prices were regulated and special campaign prices were offered to the information of the agencies.

“Due to Covid-19, many countries are progressing gradually in accepting international passengers on international travel. Turkey is done on the assumption that both the continuation of the downward trend for both countries to work for mutual improvement in pace. Our passenger unit flies to 320 destinations and 290 destinations internationally. It will be at these levels again, such as September-October. It will start with 50-60 countries at first. The decision will be made to the extent permitted by the Ministry. During this export season, a significant part of our products will not be provided every day, every day. This is due to the fact that the passenger flights are carried out together with the cargo flights and the cargo is carried under the passenger planes. It all depends on the cruise. The fleet of 23 aircraft provides cargo service. With the introduction of 310 airliners starting in June, more affordable tariffs will come to the agenda.

“We are working to deliver our products in a healthy way”

Emphasizing that the improvement in prices in some destinations should be applied to other locations, Cengiz Balık, Vice Chairman of the Board of Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, continued as follows:

“Planning should be made regarding the frequency of days and voyages for destinations such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur. Other important points are the provision of cold vehicles for the transportation of the product, aircraft delays, waits and cold airports. Under the aircraft, under wings wait 2-3 hours during loading. As the weather gets warmer, it creates serious handicaps for our product. We will try to protect our products with thermal covers. We cooperate to ensure that our product reaches our customers in a healthy way. It is important to open Adnan Menderes Airport. In the region where we export, we have to ship our products to Istanbul's old Atatürk Airport. It is very important that when we deliver our cargo to Adnan Menderes Airport, it goes to customs from there. If domestic lines start, this situation will be solved. ”

Turkish Cargo Customer Service Manager Mustafa Asım Subaşı said that the underground operation is the most important link in the chain, and that the thermal blanket minimizes deformation in products exported to hot countries.


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