TÜBİTAK will Recruit 9 Continuous Workers

Tubitak will continuously work for the workers
Tubitak will continuously work for the workers

TÜBİTAK recruits 9 permanent workers to employ in Kocaeli. Some special conditions are required for the applicants. Applications must be made by May 27, 17.00:XNUMX at the latest. Applications are not accepted, except for applications made through the "Job Application System".


a) Being prohibited from public rights.

b) Not being entitled to participate in the interview within the scope of announcements numbered TBTK.BİLGEM.UEKAE.2019-2 and TBTK.BİLGEM.UEKAE.2019-3.

c) Not having the disease or infectious disease that may prevent him from doing his duty constantly.

d) Apart from negligent crimes, crimes translated into alternative sanctions for short term imprisonment and deferred provisions other than those listed below; Even if they have been imprisoned for more than six months or forgiveness, crimes such as embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, qualified theft, fraud, fraud, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy or fraud and dignity, even if they have been imprisoned for more than six months. not being convicted of crime or smuggling, misrepresentation of official tenders and trades, disclosing the secret of the task, crimes against state secrets. Not having membership, affiliation or contact with the structure, formations or groups within the scope of Decree Law No. 667 or the structures, formations or groups that have been decided by the National Security Council to act against the national security of the State.

e) Candidates must have a Graduation Grade Average of at least 4,00 out of 2,50. (In the conversion of the grade point averages of the candidates whose university grading system is in the system of 100 to the system of 4, the Provisions Table of the Grades in the System of 4 in the System of 100 will be used).


a) To apply for an ad,www.bilgem.tubitak.gov.t is”It is required to register to the Job Application System. (When creating a CV for the application, it is mandatory to add all the required documents to the system electronically and apply by selecting the reference code). Applications will not be accepted, except for applications made through the Job Application System.

b) Applications must be submitted no later than 27 / 05 / 2020: 17: 00.

c) Applications will be evaluated through the advertisement reference code. Candidates will be able to apply by selecting the reference code from the job application system. Applications without selecting a reference code will not be considered.

d) According to the article (e) of the “General Conditions to be Searched for Candidates”, 10 times more than the number of staff to be recruited will be invited to the interview. If there are other candidates with the same score as the last candidate, they will be invited for an interview.

e) Candidates will be evaluated according to the declaration they have entered in the job application system during their applications and if the information entered is incorrect or any of the following documents are missing, the application will be considered invalid.

  • Current CV (Your CV should be prepared with a photo, including Turkish, Turkish ID and phone numbers).
  • Associate Degree or Certificate of Exit.
  • YÖK Alumni Certificate (internet printout with e-government and control code).
  • Associate's Transcript.
  • Working Document and Insurance Service Document from candidates with experience.
  • Document showing the military status.

Note: All developments and announcements about the process are available on the website of our Institution (www.bilgem.tubitak.gov.tr ​​/ http://www.tubitak.gov.tr) will be announced.

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