A Call to Provide Double Support to Industrialists Through TÜBİTAK

Two new calls to create synergy in industry through tubitak
Two new calls to create synergy in industry through tubitak

The Ministry of Industry and Technology has prepared two new calls that will create synergies in the industry through the relevant institution, TUBITAK. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank has announced calls for double support for industrialists. Stating that they will support joint projects that require cooperation with the calls of "Order R&D" and "Patent License", Minister Varank said, "We will support a new product with high commercialization potential with Order R&D. In our patent license call, we will bring the patents owned by technology producing companies to the industry. Within the scope of these two calls, we will create a project volume of 60 million lira. ” said.


Turkey, on the one hand while continuing struggle with Covidien-19 at full speed, while also conducting studies to return the economy to full throttle wheel. The Ministry of Industry and Technology continues to support especially industrial organizations in this dynamic process, where new measures are announced every day. The ministry finally aimed to contribute to the industry by preparing two new calls.


The first call announced by Minister Varank is called the SME Support Call for Order-Based R&D Projects. Within the scope of the call, it is aimed to support R&D projects that can quickly turn into products and have high commercialization potential. Çağrı encourages SMEs to develop innovative products that will be developed with R&D and ready for potential customers, as joint projects with a Customer Organization. With this call, it is expected that both the cooperation will be increased and the public resources allocated for R&D support will be used more effectively.


At least one Supplier Organization may apply to the call with a Customer Organization and SME scale. The budget per project will be up to 2 and a half million TL in the call, where R&D projects with high commercialization potential can be supported from all sectors and all technology areas. The projects will consist of two stages: product / process development and commercialization. The first stage will be a maximum of 24 months, and the second stage will be a fixed 24 months.


The second call, announced by Minister Varank, is called the Patent-Based Technology Transfer Support Call. It is aimed to apply the patented technologies developed in universities, research institutions or technology development regions to the industry with the short name called Patent License.


In the call, universities, research infrastructures, technology development region companies and technology transfer offices are defined as "Technology Provider Institution". The companies that will obtain the patents owned by the Technology Provider Institution through license or transfer are described as Customer Institutions. Applications to be made jointly by a Customer Organization and at least one Technology Provider will be accepted to the call.


Projects will be supported up to 60 months. If the client organization is SME, 15 percent will be added to the support rate. A budget of up to one million lira was allocated for each project.

Ministers Varank, 19 Turkey TUBITAK Covidien Platform organized by Turkey's Diagnostic Power following about the two new call in his speech at the conference he said:

NO SECTOR LIMITATION: The first is the SME Support Call for Order-Based R&D Projects. Here, at least one supplier organization and one Customer Firm in SME scale - this may also be a large-scale organization - must apply jointly. We do not have any subject and sector limitations. While SMEs develop the product by making R&D, the Customer Organization will support the execution of the R&D project as intended. Thus, information will be shared, disseminated and quickly transformed into a product. In projects focusing on R&D, the co-development mechanism will accelerate and the culture of cooperation will become widespread.

INTERACTION WILL INCREASE: Our second call is to Support Patent-Based Technology Transfer. There are patented technologies developed in universities, research infrastructures and technopark companies. Our call aims to transfer patented technologies to the industry. The interaction between technology producing organizations and their customers will increase and service purchases will be supported. Technologies protected by national or international patents will be transformed into economic value through licensing or transfer.

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