The sky is getting colorful

the sky is colored
the sky is colored

Parachute, glider, motor flight and model aircraft schools that were opened one after another, İnönü Glider Camp, which was opened on July 10, 1936, Etimesgut Motor Flight Camp opened in 1937, and Ankara and İzmir Parachute towers built in the same year brought thousands of young people together. During this period, the pilot E. Türli, one of the Türkkuşu Teachers, broke the world record with a glider flight that lasted 12 hours and 1938 minutes on 14 June 20. Our pilot, student Ziya Aydoğan, has made a flight with a glider 466 km from THK's İnönü Training Center to Kayseri.

In these years, the gliders required for the glider trainings of THK were provided from the Akköprü Workshop of the Institution. Until 1940, hundreds of gliders were produced, engine and glider repairs were carried out in this workshop. At the end of 1940, a workshop with a limited staff was turned into a factory in Akköprü, where the serial assembly of British Miles Magister training aircraft began.

Between the years of 1939-1941, Etimesgut Aircraft Factory was established upon the request of the General Staff before the Second World War. In the Etimesgut Aircraft Factory, which started production in 2 and was a very comprehensive initiative, besides Magister aircraft, THK-1944, 1, 3, 4, 7, 9 gliders and THK-13, 2 and 5 types of education, health and transportation planes were produced.

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