Last Day in Real Estate Tax June 1

real estate tax last day june
real estate tax last day june

Real Estate Tax 2020. Installment payments expire on Monday, June 1, 1. The rate of increase will be 2020 percent compared to last year.

Making a statement on the subject, Altın Emlak General Manager Mustafa Hakan Özelmacıklı said, “The first installment payments of Real Estate Tax collected by the municipalities for buildings, land and lands and based on wealth are now entered into the last days. Real estate tax value of 2020 is applied for this year by increasing by 11,29 percent, half of the revaluation rate. Unfortunately, the expectations of the owners who could not get rent due to Covit19 did not come true. For people over 65, it is not clear whether they pay or not. "If there is no payment, there will be a 2% monthly penalty," he said.

Tariffs High in Metropolitan

Providing information on tax rates, Özelmacıklı said: “The tax rates are one in a thousand in lands and dwellings, two in a thousand in other buildings and three per thousand in lands. These rates are applied with a 100 percent increase in big city municipal boundaries and adjacent areas. In addition, contribution to the protection of immovable cultural assets continues to be applied as 10% of the tax value. Environmental cleaning taxes for workplaces and other buildings, which are used in other ways, continue to be applied in metropolitan areas with an increase of 25%. In houses, environmental cleaning tax is reflected on water bills according to water consumption. This cost is calculated as 2020 kuruş per cubic meter for 15 and 12 kuruş in other places ”.

Payments Can Be Made With E-Municipality

Stating that online collections can be made from the web pages of many municipalities, Altın Emlak General Manager said, “Online payments related to taxes can be made either by TR identity number or registration number. Moreover, registration, collection and accrual information from many municipalities can be inquired through e-government. Payments, on the other hand, can be paid by cash check, e-municipality, by credit card, and by bank transfer - by e-bank. ”

Who Doesn't Pay Real Estate Tax

Özelmacıkl for "no income no, revenues are only established by law social security organizations that consist month they receive from the well of veterans, the disabled, of widows and orphans of the border with Turkey martyrs are exempt from property tax if there is a single dwelling that does not exceed a gross 200 m²," he said.

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