Conquest of Destination Istanbul in National Electric Train

the conquest of target istanbul in national electric train
the conquest of target istanbul in national electric train

Working with great devotion day and night for the electric domestic train, TÜVASAŞ is only 29 weeks away from May 2 given to Minister Mustafa Varank. National electric train will be tested on May 29, that is, the day of conquest of Istanbul, if there is no setback at the last moment…

TÜVASAŞ, which has come a long way after opening the aluminum body production workshop in 2019, is working day and night to start the test works by lowering the National electric train on the rails in the past 12 months.

Especially because of the pandemic while the almost complete halt production at all factories in Turkey, TÜVASAŞ the electric high-speed train crew continued to work in shifts without a break.

The plant, where assembly and testing processes continue without interruption, supports the production of materials and parts in domestic companies such as ASELSAN and Yaz-Kar.

Considering 1 vehicles in 5 train set, TÜVASAŞ, which will produce 56 vehicles in 280 sets, will start testing the national electric train by rolling it on the rails on May 29.

After the faults to be seen in the train sets that will be produced as 3 sets in the first place and the changes that need to be made, the national electric train will start the tests at 1 kilometers, which has a maximum speed after 160 month, and will reach the level to carry passengers as of September.

The main target of TÜVASAŞ is the Electric National Train sets that can make 200 km. 160 Km who set the pace in the wake of minor modifications will be easily be made after 200 kilometers of high-speed railway infrastructure needed to show itself in the way of Turkey's iron network.

Turkey's 15-year period in average every year 1 billion euro share in düşünüldüğü of a large part of this will make the purchase of new train sets are expected to contribute to Sakarya economy. (Source: Hakan Turhan / Medyabar)

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  1. Why hasn't it been done so far ??????????. Is there any imported material in production ???

  2. couldn't it have been done before. What is the ratio of imported materials?