Tender for the New Bus Station of Trabzon

tender for trabzon's new car
tender for trabzon's new car

The tender of the new bus station, which is among the projects that Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu attaches importance, is planned to start as of the end of May. The new terminal, which will meet a significant deficiency in the city, is expected to serve in its new place at the end of 2021.

The bus station, which has been wanted to be demolished for many years by the people of Trabzon and has become a bleeding wound, will finally have an image worthy of the city. The following statements were used by the Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department regarding the details of the project: Due to the fact that the existing bus terminal cannot meet the increasing need over time, adequate service is provided to the people of Trabzon and the people who will use the terminal as a stopover, and the identity of the surrounding area is provided. kazanA new bus terminal project has been designed.


It is aimed to relax the traffic in the city with the new terminal project located on the 30.144,85 m² plot on Anadolu Boulevard, Ortahisar district, Sanayi Mahallesi. With the new smart junction arrangements of the highways, it is envisaged to reduce the traffic density of the city and to provide service on an uninterrupted transportation axis in the east - west, north - south line. The building with a total construction area of ​​9.259,07 m² has bus platforms for 28 vehicles and a passenger waiting area of ​​1.863,23 m². The importance of the building's relationship with the city was given importance, it was envisaged to rehabilitate Değirmendere located in the west, and the surrounding areas, which were idle, were included in the landscape design with H. Nazif Kurşunoğlu Mosque in the north.


The parcel was examined in two areas in the settlement, and the north and east sides connected to the city were reserved for incoming users, while the south and west sides facing the stream were left to the bus and service circulation. Public transportation is provided to the area with city bus and minibus stops located on Anadolu Boulevard. The intercity bus platforms and the 16-vehicle Gümüşhane Service Area entrances and exits were provided from Ayakkabçiler Sitesi Street, located in the south of the building. In addition to this, it is aimed to reduce the vehicle load on the ring road by connecting the taxi stands to the secondary passenger axis created between Ayakkabçiler Sitesi Street and Anadolu Boulevard with a private vehicle for 104 vehicles and a service parking lot for 20 vehicles.


A permeable and spacious structure was designed to change the mixed, tiring and gloomy air left by the bus terminals in mind, and it was aimed to create an image in the minds of the users who came to the city with the iconic roof cover that stepped on the ground from two points. In addition, using the roof form in various projection shows, the building was provided with a place in urban memory. The building, which has a floor area of ​​approximately 5.000 m², includes transportation and service units, as well as approximately 1.200 m² of leasable commercial areas and 800 m² of office units. In order for the users to travel comfortably, a continuous and clear passenger axis is determined up to the bus platforms with the landscape. It was fed with commercial units such as cafeteria, buffet, barber and recreation areas around this axis. Thus, it is aimed to respond to all kinds of needs of users who spend short, medium and long time at the terminals.


Stating that the project works of the new bus station to be completed in Trabzon have been completed, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoğlu said, “The Intercity Bus Terminal has been an important problem that has become the bleeding wound of the city in recent years. Although you may not be able to meet the current bus station needs, it does not suit Trabzon as an image. The renewal of the bus station, built 40 years ago, was among our promises of choice. As soon as we took office, we made a localization. We will move the bus station from the current location to the area where Galerciler Site and our Science Works. At this point, we have completed our project work, which is the first step to make a city-friendly terminal. We want to build a modern bus station that will meet the needs and befits Trabzon. We aim to move to our new bus station at the end of 2021 ”.

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