Everything About Agriculture at 'Agriculture Forest Academy'

Everything about agriculture at the agricultural forest academy
Everything about agriculture at the agricultural forest academy

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry added a new format along with the virus epidemic to its agricultural training and broadcasting activities for farmers, producers and forest villagers.

The “Agriculture Forest Academy” portal, which is designed with the philosophy of distance education, aims to provide farmers and producers with the information and training videos that will be published on the internet. In the “Agriculture Forest Academy”, which serves up-to-date, sustainable knowledge and accumulation, the farmer will be able to quickly access the information he is looking for.

"akademi.tarimorman.gov.t is ve www.tarimtv.gov.t isThe agricultural portal, which will serve from the addresses, starts its publications.

The launch of the Agriculture Forest Academy was held by teleconference by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Bekir Pakdemirli, with the participation of 7 farmers from 81 regions, representing 17 provinces.

While the possibility that the epidemic that the whole world is struggling may be in the future shows that distance education has become a necessity, not a luxury, the Education and Publication Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry opens the way for access to information independent from time and place with the distance education model developed and put into service.


Speaking at the launch of the Agriculture Forest Academy, Minister Pakdemirli first mentioned the Corona virus, which affected the world. Minister Pakdemirli stated that our country is at a much better point compared to Europe and America with its struggle; “Praise be; our country is an exemplary country in the fight against epidemic! And again, thankfully; Under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we are fighting better with our strong infrastructure, with the support and devotion of every individual of our society, from America and Europe! The Agriculture-Forestry sector has put great effort and effort in this sense, has given the shoulder to the upright stance of our country and made serious contributions. ”

Stating that President Erdoğan also conveys his gratitude and greetings to farmers and producers for this dedication, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Let our farmers not leave even an uncultivated land! The axes, let them mow, we are behind them, we are with them! ” He also delivered his message.


Minister Pakdemirli also reminded us of the good news of the farmers preparing for the harvest period of President Erdoğan; “We are increasing the purchase price of TMO's hard bread wheat from 1350 lira per ton to 1650 lira. We increase the barley purchase price from 1100 lira per ton to 1275 lira. In addition, we pay 230 TL per ton premium and support to our farmers in cereals. Pulse purchase prices per ton; We have determined 3500 liras in red lentils, 3200 liras in green lentils and 3350 liras in chickpeas. The premium and support payment in pulses is 800 TL per ton. HAPPY AND UĞURLU to all our farmers! We, as the government and the Ministry, are with you with all our means and we will continue to be with you. ”


Stating that they provide 21 to 75 percent granted seed support within the scope of Plant Production Development Project, Pakdemirli said that they will expand this project further next year.

Pakdemirli emphasized that they do not want to withdraw from the field and the business of the producer due to the epidemic, “Again, I have given you another good news while you are together. We are in important studies and goals in animal husbandry. In this context, we will provide our breeders with a total of 65 million lira feed support, 100 lira per animal. In any case, we will catch up with you, be good cheer. Don't worry about manipulations, disaster scenarios. Look at your work. As long as you work programmatically, just produce planned. ” he spoke.


In his speech, Minister Pakdemirli also mentioned the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry during the epidemic process and stated that there is no problem in food stocks; “There are two important points I have emphasized: Firstly; our country has sufficient food stocks, there is nothing to worry about. Latter; In terms of access to food, there is no problem in our country thanks to our strong logistics infrastructure. Therefore; we do not have any difficulties with our country's supply of basic foodstuffs such as cereals, legumes, meat stocks, milk supply, fish production, vegetables and fruits. Thank goodness our warehouse is full! And more than that, I am stating on it; Allah's leave and the labor of you, I hope the world is saturating the country will be Turkey, "he said.

Stating that the farmer will reach a much more important point in the new world order, Minister Pakdemirli also mentioned the Digital Agriculture Market, the most important step of Contract Production, another step to protect the producer. “We bring together all the stakeholders of agricultural production on a single platform. With the Digital Agriculture Market; I hope the producers, the producers will earn more income, and the expectations of the agricultural industry and the consumer will be met! And also; Thanks to this contractual agriculture model, it will be possible to make agricultural production more planned, thanks to this system, where the entire chain from seed to fork can be followed and sustainable production is provided, and it will produce under the same competitive conditions as our small and large farmers. Thanks to this system that protects the producers and protects the consumers, food waste in the agricultural production chain will be prevented. ”


Minister Pakdemirli stated that the Distance Education System, which was put into practice as part of this technological move, will also provide great support to our producer and farmer, and also explained the details of the system; “We have put the Distance Education System into operation with the aim of providing training and informing our valued farmers, producers, and all aspects of agricultural production. Our farmers, namely you, will be able to watch live broadcasting lessons that are programmed taking into consideration the appropriate hours for you, via the TV of the Ministry of Distance Education and the television broadcasting on the internet of our Ministry. If you need it, you will be able to attend live broadcast classes to convey your questions and requests. These lessons given by our Ministry's expert educators and university teachers will be repeated on our TV during the day. You will be able to access our training and information videos on everything related to agriculture and the forest. You will be able to use the educational content prepared by experts in the field. ”


Minister Pakdemirli announced that the Digital Agriculture Library was opened as part of the distance education system. “When you examine this place, you will see; thousands of written and visual resources are waiting for you. Hopefully this Digital Agriculture Library will be a valuable service on behalf of our farmers, for our country and for the future. In this way, while you, our esteemed farmers, are getting tired and drinking tea, you will be able to benefit from our Distance Education System 365 days and 24 hours in your spare time, you can enter our library and access books, magazines and articles. ”


The 'Agriculture Forest Academy' portal, which will start its first live lessons as of 6 on May 11.00, will serve as a campus and will be supported by live videos. The system can also be used for training of Ministry staff. Agricultural extension consultants and candidate civil servant trainings can be held through this field.


With the application, the producer will be trained in more than 200 titles in many fields such as vegetable and animal production, tillage, fertilization, irrigation, mechanization, food-nutrition and consumption, handicrafts, forest and forest products. In addition to the training videos prepared in the training titles to be served in coordination with the agricultural calendar, the content of the courses prepared by our Training Center Directorates with 20-minute training films will also be published in the portal.

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