Why was Delivery of T-129 ATAK Helicopters Deferred?

Why the delivery of attack helicopters was delayed
Why the delivery of attack helicopters was delayed

President of the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry. Dr. During the live broadcast on social media, İsmail DEMİR explained why the deliveries of T-129 ATAK helicopters were postponed.

Emphasizing that the T-129 ATAK Offensive and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter was developed and produced jointly with Italy, President DEMİR said, “Due to the situation in Italy (COVID-19), ATAK's deliveries were affected. But this is not Turkey, a glitch still sourced overseas. We are not affected by this process, but we have a very clear attitude and stance about keeping this effect to a minimum and not causing disruption in our strategic projects. ” found comments.

Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayii A.Ş. By (TAI) so far; 59 (41 EDH and 129 B50) orders were delivered to the Land Forces Command, which ordered 9 + 41 T-1 ATAKs, and 18 (B129) helicopters were sent to the Gendarmerie General Command, which had 6 T-1 ATAK orders. In addition, in April, the first helicopter of the General Directorate of Security, which had a total of 9 T-129 ATAK orders, was taken to the assembly line.

What is the Latest Situation in ATAK Program to Pakistan?

The introduction of the first ATAK helicopter to the assembly line indicates that the body production of many ATAK helicopters has already been completed at TUSAŞ facilities. With the delivery of parts (engine, landing gear, transmission, nose ball, etc.) supplied from Italy, helicopters whose body production has been completed; These parts will be equipped with ASELSAN avionics and will be delivered to the end user after flight tests.

Despite the challenges of the Corona (COVID-19) Virus Pandemic, TUSAŞ aims to start deliveries of FAZ-II (B129), the most advanced configuration of T-2 ATAK, this year.

Source: Defense Industry

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