Summer Season Traffic Precautions Circular is Published

summertime traffic precautions circular published
summertime traffic precautions circular published

In the circular sent to the governorships by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was stated that there was a decrease in the loss of lives caused by traffic accidents in the periods when the inspections increased, and the losses increased during the periods when the inspections decreased. It was stated in the Circular that it is extremely important that the traffic teams are visible as a team and pedestrians, especially on intercity highways and main city routes, and that they are active in traffic control.

In the Circular, in the Summer Traffic Measures of 1, which will be implemented between 1 June and 2020 October, unlike previous years; As the whole world a new type under the influence in Turkey coronavirus (Covidien-19) was the emphasis should be dealt with as a whole of action for transition to normal life, with traffic measures to keep under control the epidemic's spread rate reduction of epidemic spread rate.

In the Circular, the Summer Traffic Measures to be implemented between 1 June and 1 October are as follows:

Attention to Social Distance in Audits

Considering that as a result of the measures taken to ensure social isolation, the decrease in the number of vehicles traveling on main roads and intercity highways in the city may cause the average speeds to increase; Effective, intensive and sustainable traffic controls will be given to rules, prohibitions and restrictions such as wearing seat belts, especially speed controls, not using mobile phones, giving way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings, using lanes, wrong turns. Social distance will be paid attention during the inspections.

In urban and intercity transportation, 50% occupancy criteria and applications regarding the use of masks brought to public transportation vehicles / buses will be followed carefully.

Mixed Teams Will Be Created

From time to time, the possibilities and capabilities of the Police and Gendarmerie traffic units across the country and province will be combined for specific traffic control purposes (especially on intercity roads). In this way, it will be aimed to supervise a large number of vehicles and drivers through the Mixed Teams that will be established voluntarily when necessary in order to supervise road users continuously, effectively and intensely.

Continuity will be ensured in the city, intercity and village roads, which are carried out jointly by the Traffic Police Teams and the Gendarmerie Traffic Teams.

Traffic Teams Will Be Visible

It will be ensured that the traffic teams will be visible for the improvement of the Perceived Risk of Catching, especially on routes where accidents are intense. Also, for this purpose, the official duty vehicles belonging to administrative units will be assigned at fixed points and in a cruise at the points of importance with their staff.

Audits to Increase in July and August

Traffic inspections for all passengers and drivers to minimize possible accidents in July and August, taking into account the "increase in travel time and distance" of private vehicles during the holiday season, with the control effect of the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic / transmission. It will be increased. By paying attention to the social distance at the traffic control points with the inspections, face-to-face communication will be established, and the drivers with “distraction or insomnia” will be rested.

With the decrease in the rate of spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, the intercity passenger transport, which is called as non-scheduled passenger transport (TOUR transport) as well as organized by individual or non-governmental organizations, associations, tour companies, Considering that there may be a significant increase in transportation for cultural activities and cultural activities, Effective, Intensive and Continuous traffic inspections for vehicles carrying out these activities will be planned and implemented.

Drivers Against Insomnia and Distraction will be Invited Outside the Vehicle Between 05.00-07.00

It was observed that passenger buses were involved throughout the country, and when traffic accidents with fatalities and injuries were analyzed, the day occurred more intensely between 02.00-08.00. In addition to the loss of attention caused by insomnia and fatigue, due to the increase in the risk of accidents, the first day of the day's driving on the drivers will be invited out of the vehicle between 05.00-07.00 and necessary checks will be made.

Special attention will be given to seat belt inspections

Special emphasis will be given to inspections regarding seat belt use. Training and supervision activities will be carried out together within the scope of the “We are Always Together” campaign in order to raise awareness about the vital importance of using seat belts in traffic accidents. At bus stations, bus drivers and passengers will be informed about the use of seat belts.

In addition, in order to increase the awareness of the importance of using protective helmets and goggles on motorcycles and motorcycles users, 2019 motorcycle-type vehicles were involved in fatal / injured traffic accidents in 45.742, this rate decreased by 2018% compared to 2, audit activities will be carried out together.

Traffic Density Will Be Controlled By Air

When traffic density increases, helicopter, drone and UAV type aircraft will be used in traffic regulation and control activities.

In regions where agricultural activities are carried out intensely; agricultural agricultural vehicles, tractors, combine harvesters etc. on the highway. they will not be allowed to watch in traffic inappropriately. In order to make the journeys of the agricultural workers safer, traffic controls will be increased between migrant receiving and receiving places.

Road vehicles carrying seasonal agricultural workers will not be allowed to make intercity trips between 24.00-06.00, and inspections will be planned, especially on intermediate roads.

In addition, during the inspections of agricultural vehicles; Measures will be taken to ensure that agricultural production is carried out without interruption so as not to restrict farmers' access to the production area and prevent the harvested crops and agricultural inputs from reaching the market.

Pedestrian Accidents Will Be Analyzed

In the circular, it was noted that 2019% of fatal and injured traffic accidents occurred in 18 as pedestrians, while 23,2% of the total deaths, including hospital deaths, were pedestrian. For this reason, the location, day, hour, weather and road conditions, forms of occurrence, pedestrian and driver defects of these accidents will be analyzed and necessary revision and safety enhancing measures will be implemented at the accident points. Until the vehicle / pedestrian collisions at these points are over, the issue will be put on the UKOME / I1 Traffic Commission agenda, and working groups consisting of experts will be established and recommendations will be reported.

“YAYA FIRST” image will be drawn to all Lightless Pedestrians and School Crossings

A pedestrian-priority traffic year was declared in 2019, and the “pedestrian first” image was emphasized on the highway, emphasizing pedestrian priority, to alert drivers before pedestrian and school crossings, to increase their attention, to slow down and give pedestrians the right to pass first.

These images will be drawn to all lightless school and pedestrian crossings in the direction of vehicles approach. Signs with reduced visibility will be renewed. In order to show the drivers and pedestrians that the issue is followed continuously and persistently, the activities within the scope of pedestrian priority / safety will continue with the same determination in 2020. In this context, high level of awareness and awareness activities will be carried out in all provinces regarding pedestrian priority / safety.

Traffic Training for Drivers and Passengers Will be Considered

In the provinces with the Life Tunnel created with the slogan of a Short Break for Life, vehicle drivers / passengers; Along with pedestrian priority / safety, topics such as mobile phone use and fast driving reduce attention and perception, causing pedestrians to be noticed late or not noticed will be explained in short video / slide shows.

Necessary measures will be taken to show the pedestrian safety films on the Police Headquarters Police Department Polnet page in trainings and to reach the highest number of road users.

Accident images obtained from image recording systems such as KGYS, EDS and PTS will be shared with the public by making use of social media / written and visual media, so that the person / vehicle names and license plates are not visible. The correct behavior will be explained during the sharing, the causes of accidents, the way they occur and the driver / pedestrian defects will be interpreted, and the images will be provided as a training material.

Trainings will be planned especially for school service vehicles, transportation training service vehicles and public transportation vehicle drivers, which are actively involved in the passenger and goods transportation sector.

The ministry asked the governorates to take these measures meticulously and follow-up, especially the activities within the scope of pedestrian priority / safety, by the governors and district governors, law enforcement and other officials.

The Ministry warned the governorships to pay attention to the social distance in the training, information activities and inspections, to show the necessary sensitivity and to avoid any problems in implementation.

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