Last Minute: Curfew Restriction Has Been 4 Days and New Precautions Come

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Coronavirus Statements
Recep Tayyip Erdogan Coronavirus Statements

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made important statements after the Presidential Cabinet. "The curfew will be applied again on May 16-17-18-19," Erdogan said in a statement. At the meeting, where Erdogan announced his weekly decisions with the address to the Nation, he will be imposed a 19-day curfew on May 16-17-18-19, which includes the May 4th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. The President's comments are as follows:

In the days of curfew restrictions, we helped the residents of the cities walk around their pets and feed the street animals. The first case detection in our country, my dear nation, has been 10 months since 2 March. It continues to fight 83 million against this global epidemic. Our recovering and intensive care patients are getting better. The beautiful picture ahead led us to take steps in the process of normalizing life by reducing certain restrictions in the health process. We have entered a new era. It is clear that the world will take a long time to overcome the epidemic of corona.

Our citizens should not perceive the steps of normalizing life as returning before March 10. There are examples of how the smallest neglect could lead to the extent of the outbreak. Those who go out without a really essential job, those who are indoors and outdoors on the street, feed the virus with their own hands. We continue our struggle in the same way that we accept and process this reality. I want the normalization steps we take to be evaluated within the framework of these rules. We do not completely return to the old days, we just try to make our life a little easier during the epidemic. We review our ongoing work and complete our shortcomings.

The amount of SSK and Bağ-kur premiums, which we postponed for 6 months, reached 40 billion liras. After the epidemic, we want to bring our country to a more advantageous position politically and economically. We will further strengthen the social protection shield. We are determined to strengthen our nation and country, to develop and strengthen.

The inclusion of private health institutions as well as public health institutions providing high standards of service is unique to our country. We examined the construction of Yeşilköy and Sancaktepe hospitals and Hadımköy hospital. On May 21, we will open the hospital with Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Abe. I would like to thank our employees for their efforts for the week of 11-17 May social security institution. During the epidemic period, we covered 43 more drugs. I believe that we will improve the production and employment by continuing the success we are fighting against the epidemic after the epidemic.

Yesterday between 11 and 15 hours, we gave our citizens over 65 years old the opportunity to go out on the streets. We are pleased to see these citizens following the rules. On Friday, the 15-20 age group will benefit from the same opportunity. Unless there is any negativity, it will be applied in the coming weeks. On 16-17-18-19 May, curfew will be applied again.

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