Discussions on Sivas Mosque Project Continue

Ulas Karasu
Ulas Karasu

According to the latest news in the Sivas news category, CHP Sivas deputy Ulaş Karasu; He said that there is no need for a mosque to be built in the city square.

Decision to Stop Playing

Sivas news The mosque, which will be built within the scope of its development, continues to maintain its place on the agenda at all times. The area where the previously demolished Public Education Center was located was chosen as the most ideal place for the mosque. After that, construction started. However, this construction was brought to court because the skyline of the city is deteriorating. The decision was made to stop the execution as a result of the decision. However, this latest situation led to further flares in the debate. Especially CHP deputy Karasu continues his objections in this regard.

No Need for Mosque

According to the latest developments in Sivas news, CHP deputy said: I am against the construction of this mosque from the very beginning. The reason for this is that it is not needed in any way. Because we have done all the necessary researches and examinations. There are exactly 500 different mosques in an area of ​​16 meters where the new mosque will be built. So there are multiple options for people to worship. When we say this, some people always classify us as anti-religious enemies. Of course, we do not have such a feature. We do not want people to get money out of their pockets in vain, and we care about preserving the structure of the square. Because there are multiple historical monuments here. After the construction of the new mosque, they will be covered. The silhouette that has existed for years will also disappear. Therefore, I am against the construction of the mosque. If there are places where a mosque needs to be built, let's lay the foundation together, he said.

Economic Condition

According to this latest development within the framework of Sivas news, the deputy also stated the following; The amount of money required for this business is extremely high and there is a fee of 50 million TL. They could only find enough money to lay the foundation. The construction of the mosque will definitely be an unnecessary act when the economy is obvious and the public is open, he said.

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