Coronary Virus Measure Guide Published by Sector

According to the sectors, coronavirus precaution guide is published
According to the sectors, coronavirus precaution guide is published

The General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services has published guidelines and checklists for measures to be taken in terms of combating new types of coronavirus in hairdressers, barbershops, beauty salons, accommodation services and transportation by intercity public transport.

Guidelines, which contain separate measures for each sector, were sent to OSH professionals and all businesses.

Barber Shops, Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

The Equipment Used Will Be Disinfected After Each Customer

According to the guide published by the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety; Some of the measures that hairdressers, hairdressers and beauty salons should take are as follows:

  • Body temperature of employees and customers will be checked at the entrances.
  • Disposable masks and overshoes will be provided for the customer coming to the workplace.
  • Each surface will be disinfected with 70 percent alcohol with all materials and equipment used.
  • Employees at workplaces will be given disposable masks and protective face shields that comply with the standards.
  • Towels will be disposable.
  • Gloves, aprons and cloaks used by the employees will be changed after each customer. Scissors, brushes and other hair and care products will be regularly disinfected.
  • Personalized tools will be used in procedures such as manicures and pedicures.
  • Appointment planning will be done to prevent accumulation in workplaces.
  • At least one seat will be left empty during operations such as haircuts.
  • Skin care, makeup and permanent makeup services will be avoided in women's hairdressers and beauty centers.
  • Transparent Screen will be placed between the Employee and the Customer at the Reception

Accommodation Facilities, Restaurants and Gyms

The main measures to be taken by the enterprises providing accommodation services according to the guidelines prepared by the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety are as follows:

  • A transparent screen will be placed between the customer and the employee at the reception.
  • At the entrances of restaurants, sports and spa halls, the body temperature of the customers will be measured.
  • Customers waiting in the lobby will sit socially.
  • Materials such as masks, gloves, uniforms, aprons and bones provided to the employee will be personal.
  • Tables will be adjusted according to social distance in the dining halls. If possible, the company will be provided with disposable products and drinking water will be distributed in a closed container.
  • Fork, spoon, knife, sugar, salt and toothpick will be disposable.
  • In addition to cleaning the areas such as lobby, restaurant, sauna, kitchen, door handles, stairs, room cards, TV controls, sports equipment will also be disinfected frequently.
  • Animation officers and fitness instructors will pay attention to maintaining social distance. Activities such as team games and dance will be avoided as much as possible.
  • Social Distance will be Considered in Break Places

Intercity Public Transport

In the guide published by the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety, some of the issues to be considered in transportation by intercity public transport are as follows:

  • Updated brochures and posters will be available on the information boards in the station.
  • The new seating arrangement will be adjusted by reducing the carrying capacities of public transportation vehicles in half.
  • Ticket sellers and officials in the cars will wash their hands before leaving.
  • Disposable masks will be distributed before and during the trip.
  • Frequent contact areas of vehicles will be disinfected.
  • Social distance rules will be followed at the break places.
  • The number of officers doing the same job at the station will be kept to a minimum.
  • The vehicle will be ventilated naturally.
  • The officers will wear a visor on the mask. Cleaning the visor will be done in accordance with the standards.

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