Saudi Arabia to Produce Turkish Guns From 2021

saudi will produce turk siha from arabia
saudi will produce turk siha from arabia

📩 12/05/2020 19:04

In the statement made from the Twitter account of the General Directorate of Military Industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (GAMI), it was stated that the studies for the development and manufacture of unmanned aircraft systems were started.

Details about the project calendar were given in the statement. In this context; It is stated that the production of 2021 unmanned aerial vehicles in 6 and 5 unmanned aerial vehicles in 40 years is targeted. The technical details were not shared.

Karayel to Produce Intra Defense Technologies

AEC Vestel scaled
AEC Vestel scaled

VESTEL Defense signed an agreement with Advanced Electronics Company (AEC) located in Saudi Arabia at the Dubai Airshow held in November 2017 for the manufacture of electronic systems of Karayel UAV. In this context, with the agreement agreement signed with Advanced Electronics Company (AEC), the production and repair of electronic parts of KARAYEL UAV can be realized in AEC located in Saudi Arabia.

In Dubai Airshw held in 2019, Riyadh-based Intra Defense Technologies displayed its Karayel-Water Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SİHA), which was developed and manufactured by Vestel Defense, to its market.

Statement by GAMI; It is stated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that Intra Defense Technologies has been granted project approval for the production of unmanned aircraft under license. It is stated that Karayel UAV, which is included in the Intra Defense Technologies website as "proven unmanned aerial vehicle", has all sales rights and successfully completed thousands of operations.

In the news made by Saudi Arabian news agency SPA, it was stated that the project will be realized with an investment of 750 million rials, ie 200 million dollars, and the mentioned project will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2021.

Intra Defense Technologies signed an agreement with the Industrial Cities and Technology Regions (MODON) institution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for land allocation for the development of unmanned aerial systems in March 2020.

Vestel Karayel Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Vestel Defense, which has been carrying out intense activities on unmanned aerial vehicles since its establishment in 2003, has developed EFE, BORA and KARAYEL National UAVs in the Mini, Midi and Tactical UAV categories, with the knowledge and experience gained in its works.

KARAYEL Tactical UAV System is the first and only Tactical Unmanned Aircraft designed and manufactured in accordance with NATO's 'Airworthiness at the Civil Airspace' Standard STANAG-4671 for exploration and surveillance. KARAYEL system has a unique triple redundant diffused avionic architecture that provides protection against all kinds of uncontrolled breaking. With this feature, VESTEL has carried systematic error safety, which has been used only in manned aviation worldwide, to an unmanned aerial vehicle for the first time with KARAYEL. Thanks to the aluminum mesh on the aircraft composite structure, it has lightning protection feature. In cases where frosting conditions are encountered, the 'Ice Removal System' is used, which automatically detects this and goes into operation. With this feature, KARAYEL shows resistance against all kinds of weather conditions and shows superior performance in harsh weather conditions. It has the ability to detect and diagnose the target with the camera system it carries to conduct aerial reconnaissance and surveillance, and to direct laser guided ammunition with the marker systems on it. Developed by Vestel Defense for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, Karayel tactical UAV system has become a proven platform by successfully passing many tests since 3.

KARAYEL-SU with Improved Features

KARAYEL-SU, the first and only Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed and manufactured in accordance with NATO's 'Civil Airspace' Standard STANAG-4671, is the developed model of KARAYEL, with its increased payload capacity, airborne time and ammunition integration. It attracts. KARAYEL-SU with integrated MAM-L and MAM-C smart ammunition products from ROKETSAN KAREYEL-SU with 13 m wingspan and 630 kg maximum take-off weight, can stay in the air for 120 hours with 50 kg under wings and 8 kg underbody payload capacity. can work. (Source: defenceturk)

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