Our Industry Will Continue Its Way With Confident Steps

our industry will continue on its way with sure steps
our industry will continue on its way with sure steps

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank pointed out that they will keep production under all circumstances and conditions and said, “We will implement policies that will increase our competitive power even more. Our industry will continue on its way confidently. ” said.


Minister Varank attended the Extended Board of Directors Meeting of Organized Industrial Zones Supreme Organization (OSBÜK) via video conference. Noting that the Covid-19 epidemic continues to shake many balances, Varank said, “This period we live in; It can be a temporary shock for the world, or it can turn into a long-term stalemate with permanent damage. Whatever the case may be, we need to stay strong and focus on the opportunities this era offers us. ” said.


Varank, Turkey in combating the epidemic, telling himself that separates positive from many countries, "Employment, financing and have taken critical steps in the social welfare field. In order not to make victims of the worker and employer, we facilitated the conditions for benefiting from short-time working allowance. The number of applications exceeded 3 and a half million. Up to now, 2 and a half million people have been paid. ” he spoke.


Turkey's strong production and R & D underlines that it has the infrastructure Varank, "We will not allow the weakening of the Turkish industry." said. Pointing out that they will keep production under any condition and condition, Varank said, “We will implement policies that will further increase our competitiveness without hesitation. Thus, our industry will continue on its way with sure steps. ” he spoke.


Emphasizing that they will continue to be with everyone who wants to grow their activities, focus on investment and create employment, Varank said, “While we will protect our traditional sectors, we will support value-added and technology-intensive sectors more strongly. As OIZ representatives, you will be our travel companion throughout this process. ” used expressions.


Underlining that there are significant developments on the production front, Varank said, “All of the automotive main factories started their activities. There are also movements in textile companies. The food, chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging sectors are continuing on their way. ” found in the description.


Providing 5 recommendations to OSBÜK board members, Varank continued as follows: First and foremost, you should ensure the health of your employees. We have prepared a guide on measures. We will publish this guide document prepared by TSE in a few days. Our second expectation is that you are dynamic. Third, strengthen your position in the supply chains. Fourth, you should strive to increase your localization rates. My last suggestion is; You should not postpone your digital transformation investments that will increase efficiency.


Varank noted that the industry sector is the pupil of the economy and said, “All kinds of support are at your disposal. You will shape the new normal. When the outbreak ended Turkey's economy, more powerful way to continue from where it left the road. " said.

OSBÜK President Memiş Kütükcü stated that they are ready to take part in the dissemination of Covid-19 screening in OIZs. Since the earliest days of the pandemic process Kütükçü reminiscent of what he said should be halting production in Turkey, "We continued to support our production with our industrialists and government stability." said. Kütükcü also conveyed the demands of OIZ industrialists to Minister Varank.

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