Impellers in Industry Stuck to High Costs of Energy

The wheels in the industry are attached to high energy costs
The wheels in the industry are attached to high energy costs

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, he said that Turkey will get rid of the difficulties in which the attack with a strong manufacturing economy, "however, stuck to the wheels of our industry is the high cost of energy. All energy input costs of our production site OIZs, especially YEKDEM, should be lowered. The burden of our industrialists must be relieved. ” said.

President Burkay, Covidien - 19 as well as all over the world epidemic, said the blow to production in Turkey. Expressing that they created a strong communication network with more than 45 thousand members of BTSO in order to find solutions to the problems of the city and the country's economy, İbrahim Burkay said that they quickly convey the demands of Bursa business world to TOBB and related Ministries. Emphasizing that the important supports that touched all the actors of the business life were brought to life with the proactive approach of the economy management, President Burkay said, “I would like to thank our President, our government and TOBB President for their approach towards the expectations of our business world.” he spoke.


industrialists in Bursa locomotive city of Turkey's economy one of the most important problems they transfer the BCCI Ibrahim explains that the high energy costs Burkay, "Energy and Natural Resources Minister is carried out important work for the operation of the production and supply chains in strategic areas such as energy under the leadership does not start Fatih Number. However, with the effect of the COVID - 19 pandemic, the burden on our industrialists increased even more. Our manufacturer providing support to the development of our Turkey moves with great difficulty, struggling with the high cost of energy in these conditions. The way to increase investments, to sustain our export success and to remove barriers to employment is through easing the burden on our industrialists. ” used expressions.


In addition to the energy unit cost, BTSO Chairman Burkay emphasized that the amount of Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM), which is one of the most important items of energy fund, electricity consumption tax, value added tax and final resource supply tariff, also caused significant price differences. Stating that YEKDEM has become one of the most serious factors affecting the electricity cost in the production sector, İbrahim Burkay pointed out that despite the decrease in electricity consumption in the pandemic process, electricity unit costs continue to increase. Turkey has made an important step in the fight altogether the pandemic, production of voicing re-acceleration will win Ibrahim Burkay, he said: "In this context, we need steps to speed up economic parameters. In particular, we demand that a new tariff be created for our production field OIZs on YEKDEM, and that energy costs will be improved in favor of our industrialists. We expect normalization steps to be taken in our energy costs as well. ”

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