Kidney Failure in One-Third of Those Undergoing Coronavirus Treatment

renal failure in one third of the coronavirus treatment patients
renal failure in one third of the coronavirus treatment patients

According to a study, more than a third of patients treated for the Corona virus in New York, suffered from kidney failure. It was stated that 15 percent of these people were bound to dialysis.

The study was conducted by Northwell Health, the largest health institution in New York state.

One of the authors of the research, Dr.. "We saw that 5 percent of the 449 patients who came for treatment developed an acute kidney failure problem," said Kaner Jhaveri.

Acute kidney failure means that the kidneys lose function by losing their function. Dr. Jhaveri said in a statement that 14,3 percent of people with kidney failure had to be connected to the dialysis device.

The study is stated to be the most detailed study investigating kidney disease in Corona patients so far. It is stated that the problem of kidney failure occurs especially in the first 24 hours after starting treatment. It is stated that 37,3 percent of patients experienced this problem in the first 24 hours. In other cases, it is pointed out that kidney failure is observed in the process of connecting to the respiratory device.

Dr. Jhaveri notes that 1000 percent of 90 patients connected to the respirator have seen a kidney failure problem.

Source: American



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