View of the Golden Horn from Pierre Loti Hill Fascinates Everyone

View of Halic from Pierre Hill is popular for everyone
View of Halic from Pierre Hill is popular for everyone

When you climb these ridges, which are the best area to watch the famous panorama of the Golden Horn; Coffee, named after the famous French writer Pierre Loti, is reached. Pierre Loti, who lived in Istanbul for a long time and was a true Istanbul lover, was originally named "Julien Viaud". Historical Coffee is the ideal place to watch the unique view. It is also possible to climb the hill by cable car.

about pier loti hill
about pier loti hill

It is said that Pierre Loti, who saw it as the second homeland, came to this coffee known as “Rabia Women's Coffee” and wrote his novel “Aziyade” against the Golden Horn. The region, where the original “Turkish neighborhood” was restored and kept alive today, consists of places serving as touristic facilities. The region is referred to as Evliya Çelebi's Travel Book as the “Idris Mansion Promenade”.

Pierre Loti, which is a frequent destination for all foreigners and travelers who came to Istanbul in the 19th century, has many historical buildings around it. One of them is the wooden Kaşgari Tekkesi with two inscriptions, dated in 1813. Again, at the entrance of the facility, the building with a white round tombstone written in Persian is Çolak Hasan Tekkesi. The historical building in the line of Tekke is a School of Medicine. The tomb of a Mevlevi named "İskender Dede", who died in 1589, is located right in front of the Mekteb and inside the facility area, which was built by İdris-i Bitlisi, who was also an Ottoman historical writer. One of the three wells in front of İskender Dede is the well-known Dilek (or intention) Well. In the Evliya Çelebi Seyahatname regarding this well; He writes that "those who look at the well see their wishes in their wells". On the upper part of the tomb are the graves of Saray “Atçıbaşı (Mirahur-Tuğ General) Ali Ağa and his family. In addition, “Sarnıç”, which is believed to have been built in the Byzantine period and used in the Ottoman period, maintains its presence in the center of the facility.

about pier loti hill

How to get to Pierre Loti Hill?

If you are going with your vehicle; There is a back road to Pierre Loti. In this way, you can go up the hill and leave your car there, leaving the car park…

Those who come without vehicles from the Anatolian Side can easily get on Üsküdar - Eyüp ferries. You can go up the hill by taking the cable car from the ferry port.

If you are coming by bus, you need to get off at Eyüp Sultan stop to get to Pierre Loti and take the cable car from there.

You can ride the cable car to Pierre Loti Hill with akbil ...

Pierre Loti cable car fares

To get to Pierre Loti Hill by cable car, you will take the cable car belonging to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. For this, you can pass by reading your 'Istanbul Card' as a normal edition. For each edition, regular card holders pay 2,60. While teachers pay 1,85, student ticket prices are 1,25.

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