The Resignation Petition of The Admiral Cihat Yaycı Has Come Out

petition for resignation of tumiharal jihad publisher appeared
petition for resignation of tumiharal jihad publisher appeared

In the petition of the resignation of the Naval Forces Command and assigned to the Chief of the General Staff, the Admiral Cihat Yaycı said, in his petition of his resignation, it was my honor to be ordered in order to make a parcel-like separation, in addition to being ordered on the grounds that I thought he was devoid of support and feud calipers.

The decision regarding the appointment of Major General Cihat Yaycı to the Chief of the General Staff was published in the Official Gazette on Friday, signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After the decision, Yaycı resigned today. In the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, it was stated that the resignation of the Admiral Cihat Yaycı was approved.

“It has weakened my honor very much”

Yaycı used the following statements in his resignation petition:

“On 15 May 2020, I learned from the position of the Chief of the Naval Forces, which I proudly carried out with the high approval of our President, to the command of the Chief of General Staff at 16:2020 on the night of 03 May 00 without my knowledge of the Force Commander.

With the message of the notification of appointment of the Ministry of National Defense, "Immediate departure from the Navy and participation in the General Staff on May 18, 2020, which is the first working day (mainly on administrative holiday and curfew)", was ordered.

“In addition to being ordered on grounds that I think he lacks reason and support (as evokes Fetövari calipers), he was haunted by the dignity of ordering to be made in a hurried way.

“Of course, appointment as a soldier is an order and I am obliged to comply. However, for the first time in my professional life, which I have been carrying out with great love and excitement for 32 years with the appointment of ordering, I have been confronted with an admiral position, a non-principal officer. In fact, if I had been assigned to any task, I would not discuss and perform the task for a moment. But this is not the case. I want to be turned into an admiral that has been publicly abandoned and whose honor has been harmed. I cannot accept this. My character and pride in Turkishness do not allow this.

"While 13 members of my age as my uniform was always immaculate gave the noble Turkish nation that I am proud, as I moved spotless and şaibesiz proudly for 40 years. It is clear that I am not able to perform my profession as an Admiral who has not been assigned at the point I have reached today and has been removed from his job as a result of lies and slander. This is extremely degrading. Let me not think that any Turkish breath can digest a Turkish Admiral.

“Moreover, being unable to respond to slanderous accusations accused of my person as an Admiral in charge and to the bookkeepers who raised this issue deeply upset my person, my family and my fellow soldiers.

“As a naval officer, I fought against the harshest storms in the Blue Homeland for years. So far, the sea and the Blue Homeland rights awareness in the Turkish nation and the creation of awareness of our interests, I have endeavored in defining our maritime jurisdiction. I tried to get the Turkish Nation to recognize the Turkish Navy and to be proud of it.

"I worked at all levels will be given at the highest level necessary to protect the rights and interests of the Turkish mission to the UN at the highest level and I care to be ready at any moment. I have adopted the principle of saving every penny of the Turkish Nation within the scope of the authority.

"Feton very beginning Fethullahçı in the framework of the will of our President, Mr. treacherous coup attempt before trying to perform on July 15, 2016 against members of the terrorist organization, I continued my struggle till today. Thank goodness I am successful in this regard, I understand better than the joy of the traitors today.

"The same way I wrote the book and I put forward my ideas based on legal support maritime rights and tried to protect the interests of Turkey. I, too, I understand that I am successful today, they live better than the joy of the enemies of Turkey.

"Necip Turkishness and the flag of my entire knowledge as a lovesick an admiral raised by the Turkish nation and the residency's a crop between Turkey and Libya signed on November 27, 1919" Marine Jurisdiction of the Memorandum of on the Restriction "to be drafted theoretical infrastructure of the humble to me personally an" Independence Medal ”Will remain.

“I leave my books that I have written to my commanders, my fellow soldiers, navies and the Turkish Nation as my professional idea inheritance, and I take off my uniforms that I wear with pride by being given honor to carry by the noble Turkish Nation.

"May 19, 2020" Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day "which is celebrated by stepping to civilian life with that happy day the Supreme Turkish Nation and the Republic of Turkey to be heard loyal to a civilian as you need and I will continue to serve in every area that I had a chance specifying supply the acceptance of my resignation I would. "

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