Do Not neglect to check the tire pressures of your parked vehicle

Be sure to check the tires of your parked vehicle
Be sure to check the tires of your parked vehicle

Our vehicles are waiting in the park in these days when it is important not to leave the house unless it is mandatory due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Goodyear recommends preparing for the days when we will start off again and checking the tires of the vehicles waiting in the park.

Regular maintenance of tires, which provide contact between the vehicle and the road and is therefore very important in road safety, is important for safe driving.

Recommendations to protect the tires of vehicles that remain parked for a long time from Goodyear:

When the tire pressure is cold, it should be measured at regular intervals and be within the values ​​recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Tire pressures lower or higher than recommended will cause early and uneven wear of the tires, as well as negatively affect driving safety. Low tire pressure causes wear on the tire shoulders. It is important to check the tire pressure when the car is started to use again, as there may be a loss of pressure in the tires of parked vehicles these days.

On stationary vehicles, if a certain area of ​​the tires is exposed to vehicle load for a long time, some deformities may occur in the tire, which may cause balance problems when switched to continuous use. For this reason, we recommend that the vehicles are started and moved at least once a month.

The tread depth is also an important factor for safe driving. The tread depth must not be less than 1.6 mm to comply with legal requirements. Tires that are below the legal tread depth should never be used. You can notice the existing deformations with a simple inspection for your tires. Use of tires suitable for the season is also important for road safety. If your parked vehicle has winter tires, it is necessary to switch to summer tires on the days when the road starts to start in regions where the air temperature is above + 7 ° C. Meanwhile, tires of different structure, pattern and size should not be fitted on the same axle.


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