Ortaköy Beach will no longer smell

Projects that are difficult to construct due to the heavy traffic pass into one life.
Projects that are difficult to construct due to the heavy traffic pass into one life.

Due to the 19-day curfew that started on May 1 due to the Covid-3 pandemic, Istanbulites spent their days at home, and had the opportunity to work more comfortably on the empty city streets. Projects that are difficult to construct due to heavy traffic are being implemented one by one. The bad odor problem on the beach, which has been bothering the people of Ortaköy for many years, has begun to be resolved quickly. When the project is completed, those who stroll around Ortaköy coast will be able to breathe the sea air comfortably.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) turned the 19-day curfew into an opportunity due to the Covid-3 pandemic. With the projects carried out with difficulty in normal times in areas where pedestrian and vehicle traffic is intense, and the city streets are empty, things are started to be done much more easily. İSKİ KadıköyIt carries out a similar work in the region where Seyit Ahmet Creek meets the sea in Ortaköy. When the project is over KadıköyOrtaköy residents will take a breath, just like the ones.

Giving information about the work carried out by İSKİ in Ortaköy, General Manager Raif Mermutlu said, “When our project is over, the Ortaköy beach will no longer smell. Our citizens will be able to eat their kumpir very comfortably in this region, and travel around. ”


Mermutlu stated that the fact that wastewater and rainwater reaching the sea through the same channel brings serious problems, and said that when the project comes to life, wastewater and rainwater will be separated. Mermutlu continued as follows:

“We had a mixed system vault (old waste water channel) line for years, and the cross section was inadequate. When it rains, it causes floods and there is a danger of collapse because it is old. We are now taking the section from 4 square meters to 12 square meters. In this way, we provide the transportation of the falling rain very comfortably to the sea. In addition, we separate the sewer line from rainwater. While all the rain reaches the sea, it will go to the wastewater treatment plant separated. This will also provide us an important advantage in electricity costs. ” The project will be completed at the end of June.

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