Online Appointment Period Against Kovid-19 in Auto Expertise

online appointment period against kovid in auto expertise
online appointment period against kovid in auto expertise

In this period when the interest in online shopping and online transactions has increased due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), auto expertise, which is frequently preferred by those who want to buy cars, also serves by online appointment within the scope of combating the epidemic.

Due to the epidemic of Kovid-19, which shook the world and spread to all countries, interest in online shopping and online transactions is increasing. The reflections of this situation are also seen in the automotive industry. In this process, some companies sold their vehicles in the online environment with the number of vehicles that can be expressed with hundreds, and delivered the vehicle to the customer without leaving the house. Thanks to the change in purchasing habits, consumers save time and have the opportunity to review all the details about the current condition of the vehicles they want to buy with the expert reports of the vehicles they want to buy.

While the reports received from corporate and independent expertise companies give confidence to the consumer, it helps the buyer to eliminate the question marks about the vehicle. During this period, expertise aims to contribute to the fight against Kovid-19 by switching to the online appointment system.

TÜV SÜD E-Expert Assistant General Manager Ozan Ayözger world that Turkey and the late these difficult days, said they tried to give answers to auto inspection demands, "Before our customers come to our branches sure appointments are asked to send via our or via the call center on our website. In this way, we can protect the healthy process required for both our customers and employees by ensuring the social distance at our branches. ”

Noting that the customers can complete their transactions without waiting in line at the branches while preferring the appropriate day, hour, location and packages with their appointment system, Ayözger said, “With the increasing interest in the online appointment system, the consumers are saving time and all the details about the current status of the vehicles they want to get. the vehicle has the opportunity to examine the advertisement pages. ” said.

Stating that TÜV SÜD D-Expert has taken necessary precautions against the virus at the auto expertise points for both the employees and the health of the customers, Ayözger said that they have applied these measures in detail in terms of both the customer and the employees.


Ozan Ayözger also made evaluations about the effects of the Kovid-19 epidemic on the used car industry. Expressing that the slowdown experienced in each sector was also seen in the used car industry, Ayözger said:

“With the decrease in the sale of second-hand vehicles, expertise companies have started to have a hard time. In addition, consumers' buying habits have changed and sales from the online sales platforms in the used car sector have increased compared to the previous years, as the sales decreased from the pre-epidemic period. ”


Ozan Ayözger, who shared the prediction of when the normalization process will start in the sector, concluded as follows: “With the recommendations of the scientific committee and the normalization plan determined by our government, a little movement started in both the used vehicle and appraisal sector. While we cannot expect to return to the pre-epidemic period quickly, we believe that the second-hand vehicle trade will also recover thanks to the measures to be taken in the next 2 months as part of the new normalization process. ”

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