ASELSAN's Sea Eye Octopus System Ready for Duty

octopus system of aselsan is ready to see
octopus system of aselsan is ready to see

📩 05/05/2020 13:46

The Denizgözü-AHTAPOT system was developed specifically for the naval platforms considering the needs of the Naval Command's Electro-Optical Diffuser (EOD) System, and it was presented to the use of the Turkish Armed Forces with the prototype products delivered in 300, designed to be used in place of the previously delivered ASELFLIR-2018D system. .

The development of the Denizgözü-AHTAPOT system, the first two prototypes of which were integrated on the 3rd and 4th ships of MİLGEM and started to be used in 2015 with ASELSAN equities. Within the scope of the contracts signed at the end of the activities carried out during a five-year development period, Denizgözü-AHTAPOT system will have entered the service of the Turkish Navy as the basic EOD System. The factory acceptance tests of the first two Denizgözü-AHTAPOT systems, the last of which will be delivered in 2025, are completed at the Akyurt campus, Microelectronic Guidance and Electro-Optics (MGEO) Sector.

The use of Denizgözü AHTAPOT system continues to increase in all new generation destroyer and support ships, including TCG-BURGAZADA, TCG-KINALIADA and TCG-ANADOLU ships. Denizgözü-AHTAPOT system, which is a world-class electro-optical pointer that has been created with domestic and national facilities, is aimed to become the representative of our country in the field of marine electro-optics in friendly and allied navies in the coming years.

Sea Goose Octopus System
Sea Goose Octopus System

Denizgözü-AHTAPOT Supply Contract

A contract was signed between the Ministry of National Defense and ASELSAN for the supply of Denizgözü AHTAPOT-S Electro-Optical Reconnaissance and Surveillance System to meet the need of the Naval Forces Command.

With a contract amounting to 54,5 million USD; Thanks to the high electro-optic capabilities of the Denizgözü AHTAPOT-S System, the ships in the Naval Forces inventory will be increased both in day and night surveillance capabilities.


Denizgözü AHTAPOT-S System is a new generation version of the Denizgözü AHTAPOT System designed by ASELSAN, which is developed and equipped with additional capabilities, and stands out as a system solution that can meet all the electrooptic needs of the platforms on which it is located, thanks to its special design.

Denizgözü AHTAPOT-S Electro-Optical Sensor System presents the sensors using different advanced technologies in an easily sustainable distributed structure. System; It includes a thermal imaging system operating at medium wavelength (MWIR), a full HD color day vision camera, a thermal imaging system operating at short wavelength (SWIR), and laser distance meter units. Denizgözü AHTAPOT-S meets the requirements for target determination (detection, diagnosis, recognition) over a wide range.

The user has the advantage of using the electro-optic capabilities of the system for discovery and surveillance 7/24 thanks to the continuous optical magnification, precise gyroscopic stabilization and one-touch autofocus capabilities in the high-performance thermal imaging system. High resolution digital video outputs also provide crystal clear visual performance, providing the user with the best environmental awareness. (Source: defenceturk)

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