Cash Fee Support Payments Begin

cash fee support starts payments
cash fee support starts payments

Payments of TL 39 per day to be paid to employees who are on leave for free leave due to coronavirus or their jobs will start to be deposited on Friday, May 8th. In order to get payment, the employer must apply through the online SSI system

Within the scope of the temporary article brought to the Unemployment Insurance Law numbered 4447 due to the coronavirus, employees who are granted free leave or who cannot benefit from work allowance will benefit from cash wage support. 15 TL per day will be given to those who are given unpaid leave with the arrangement made within the scope of the economy package, and those who cannot get unemployment insurance from those dismissed after March 39.24.

No service contract terms required for the last 60 days

Whether the employee who wants to apply for this wage support meets 3/600 days or 120/450 days rules in the last 60 years is not checked. It will be sufficient to establish a service contract with the employee for support before April 16.

Support will continue until July 17

The law on cash wage support and dismissal was published in the Official Gazette on April 17, 2020. Therefore, cash fee support will be paid for periods after April 17. The application will continue until July 17, if there is no extension decision. Applications will be made to the employer through SSI's employer system in order to benefit from the free wage support. Those who are unemployed will be able to submit their applications through İŞKUR's website. Those who do not have unemployment benefits will receive direct cash wages.

Housekeepers can also benefit from cash fee support

Mesut Şenel, Founder of IFASTURK Financial Consultancy and Auditing, noted that those who continue to work while retiring are not only able to benefit from unemployment benefits and short-time work allowance, but also from cash wage support. Şenel shared the following details about the support: “Within the scope of the Annex-5510 of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 9, employees who work more than ten days a month in home services can also receive cash compensation support if they are unemployed or are entitled to a free leave and cannot benefit from short-time work allowance. . Cash wage support application for employees who are on leave for free leave is made by employers who employ these people. The application for home workers must be reported to the social security provincial directorates or social security centers by the end of the month when the unpaid leave is granted. Those who have been laid off while working in domestic services can make their applications personally. ”

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