MOTAŞ Continues to Disinfect the Bus and Trambuses

motas continues to disinfect the bus and trambus
motas continues to disinfect the bus and trambus

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ buses and trams, which carry thousands of people every day, are made ready for the service for the next day after the necessary internal and external cleaning and disinfection.

After the worldwide epidemic, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches special importance to cleaning works, continues to increase its efforts so that citizens who use public transport do not experience any problems.

Continuing its services by reducing the number of flights in some lines after the citizens staying in their homes and following the precautions taken in the Presidency, the relevant ministries and local measures, MOTAŞ continues to provide services throughout Malatya with a total of 110 Buses and 15 Trambuses including Private Public Buses.

The buses, trams and private public bus stations within the body of the Metropolitan Municipality of MOTAŞ have been periodically disinfected since the outbreak. Public transportation vehicles are made to serve safely by the teams created by MOTAŞ, after each time, by internal and external cleaning, disinfection against microbes and harmful organisms.


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