The Most Economical and Greenest Option in Cars LPG

most economical and most competitive option lpg in cars
most economical and most competitive option lpg in cars

The normalization process, which is planned to be started in the world and in our country after the coronavirus pandemic, introduces new habits to the societies. kazanyelling. While social distance and hygiene rules maintain their importance in the normalization process, it is observed that the use of public transportation vehicles has decreased with the end of the quarantine. Experts state that vehicle owners will prefer their cars instead of public transportation in this process, while increasing fuel prices due to the exchange rate make the consumer think. Kadir Örücü, Turkey's CEO of BRC, the world's largest producer of alternative fuel systems, said, “LPG is a fuel type that stands out with its economic and environmental friendliness. In addition, LPG vehicles save 40 percent compared to gasoline cars.

The coronavirus pandemic began to change our habits. With the normalization process on the agenda, it was started to discuss how to achieve social distance in closed areas. While public transportation vehicles remain empty in the countries that started the normalization process, the traffic rates in our country started to reach pre-coronavirus levels.

Experts state that vehicle owners will prefer their own vehicles instead of public transportation, while rising fuel prices due to fluctuations in the exchange rate make consumers think.

The world's largest alternative fuel systems manufacturer brc'n's Turkey CEO Kadir Knitter LPG highlighting both economically and is environmentally friendly, "less solid particles according to the LPG other fossil fuels (PM) and carries carbon emissions. Vehicles with LPG save 40 percent compared to gasoline cars. In other words, while a vehicle travels an average of 100 kilometers with 250 TL gasoline, the same vehicle can take the same road with 60 TL LPG ”.


With the coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole world, air pollution came to the fore again. Investigating the connection between solid particles that cause air pollution and the coronavirus, scientists have discovered that the virus can hang in the air by clinging to solid particles. Dr. Chest Diseases Specialist, who made statements on the subject. Dilay Yılmaz Demiryontar said, “In studies related to coronavirus pandemics, it has been observed that people living in areas with high air pollution and exposed to pollution are more affected than COVID 19 and the risk of death is high. In addition, many studies conducted to date have revealed that viruses have a significant increase in the ability to infect solid particles by spreading and speed of spread. ”


The world's largest alternative fuel producers struggling with air pollution brc'n Turkey's CEO Kadir Knitter, "the main source of solid particles of coal and coal re around where there is diesel fuel. The amount of solid particles produced by LPG is 35 times less than coal, 10 times less than diesel and 30 percent less than gasoline. For this reason, the member states of the European Union have created regions where diesel vehicles they call green zones are prohibited. The bans that started in Cologne, Germany moved to Italy and Spain last year. In our country, the emission of solid particles into the atmosphere will be kept under control with the mandatory emission test expected to start within 3 months ”.


Underlining that LPG is as economical as it is environmentally friendly, Kadir Örücü said, “It is no longer a rational choice to use a diesel car with high initial cost and periodic maintenance costs, in which the fuel expense has an important place in the family economy. Whether your car is 15 thousand km, or 45 thousand km or more, the vehicle with LPG is much more economical than diesel. The account is in the middle. The smartest solution for those looking for economy after this point is to use LPG. Vehicle drivers complete the LPG conversion, as soon as they complete it can go the same way 40 percent cheaper. ”

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